The Meridian - EU/US PvP Corp [-™-]

The Meridian - Who are we?

We are The Meridian - We are part of the Triumvirate alliance. We are a PvP focused corporation within both the EU & US timezone Based in Cloud Ring in SOV Null. Generally a nice bunch of pilots with varying degrees of expertise in eve

What can we offer?

  • Null Sec Roams
  • The occasional Low Sec Roam
  • Large fleet fights within the alliance/coalition! (TIDI not included)
  • Yeet fleets with disposable ships and needlejacks
  • Chill Gate camps

We offer ISK-making and recreational activities including:

  • Ratting and mining pockets in upgrades Sov Null
  • Social mining ops
  • Industry - manufacturing etc.

What do we require?

So, you’ve gotten this far, that must mean you are still interested? However, we do have some requirements for new recruits:

  • A minimum of 25 Mil skill points, preferably with a great deal of them in PvP skills
  • You must be an adult
  • You must be able to join us on comms
  • A good sense of humour is appreciated - if you don’t have one, we will provide one for you.

So you want to join?

If The Meridian sounds interesting to you, here is how to reach us: - In game public channel [Meridian Rec] Or join us on discord:

Still recruiting spods.

Join us for bomber/BLOPs fun:

More Bros/brosettes still required!

Bring os more meat for the grinder!

Big fleet opportunities with us if you like that shiet!

Still recruiting dudes, hit us up.

i heard this is the place to be

Did some Brutix bank robbing last night, got to keep the handout Brutix’s after.


3-4 Ops a day plus side roams, lots to do here.

come have fun with us!