The Meridian - EU/US PvP Corp [-™-]

Looking for dudes

Looking for my PVP pilots, Come join the action!

Still need more pvp pilots!

Come Shoot D00ds!

we still want to get you in our corp!

We also have a true italian restaurant in station… Really… What are you waiting for!!!

Happy holidays all, if you’re looking for a new corp with the new year incoming. Hop on comms.

Some good fights going on, come and join us and kill some dudes.

The Meridian would like to wish everyone a happy new year! :slight_smile: Still want more pilots to celebrate with though!

Still looking for dudes in 2021

Come fly with me! and the others in the corp ofc!

we also do big time fleets with lots of caps!

Come pummel other pilots to dust with us!

Last months top pilot was Miyagumi Haikani with the most kills in corp.


Spend that 1 billion isk wisely.

We can cater to every need, almost!

Come fly with us! we have shittalking scandinavians on our gatecamps! (myself included!)

As token mentioned, we also do friendly in-corp competetions for most kills of the month!

Its just a great corp with a great alliance!
Try it out, you wont be sad you dig :slight_smile:

if you are looking for killboard efficiency, then come right this way :wink:

come get your frag on!