[EUTZ] EndlessRain - friendly industrial corp for new and veterans alike in null and Caldari FW


Friendly - supportive - purpose

Here at EndlessRain we welcome everyone that adhere to our core principles.

Friendly means we don’t stir drama and behave somewhat civilized and make friends
Supportive means we help eachother out and play as a group
Purpose means we have goals in corp we want you to participate in to achieve

EndlessRain is predominately an industry based corporation. This does not mean that the corp exist to enrich itself or it’s founder. Everything generated to the corp will go back to it’s employees. Either in the way of BPC’s, access to structures, access to moons, ships, or hard cash for your good work.

We are close to Jita and via our alliance, Toxic Shockwave, we have access to nullsec and our own R64 moons! Update! Now with sov :partying_face:
Our alliance is part of Faction Warfare on the Caldari side. This is for content only, but if you want to roleplay your way through the game, please do :slight_smile:

EndlessRain are looking for employees in the following areas:

  • Ratting and Exploration: The corp produce rigs so we need an endless amount of salvage
  • Manufactoring: Want to help produce those rigs?
  • Logistics: Every entity in Eve loves logistics pilots :slight_smile:
  • Mining: R64/32 moons brings in alot of cash. We also need ice miners for fuel production
  • PI: We are producing fuel, so corp will buy your PI

We are however always looking for:

  • Miners - did I mention R64 moons \o/
  • PVP’ers - or those willing to learn
  • FC’s - or those willing to try

What can we offer you?

  • A helpful and friendly community with loads of memes
  • Nullsec space to rat, mine and explore
  • R64 and R32 moons
  • Ore/loot/salvage/PI buyback
  • SRP on corp/alliance sanctioned ops

EndlessRain are proud members of Toxic Shockwave alliance, sov holding alliance in Branch

If you want to have a chat, come over to our Discord :slight_smile:

Important note: The corp is old, but it’s just recently opened up for new employees. This means that not everything is set in stone and up and running from day 1. This, however, means that you can have a huge impact to shape the corp and if you want a responsibility within the corp, that can be arranged depending on what we need, and what you want to do.

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Whoa, RL and vacation took it’s toll on the Eve side of things, so recruitment went on a hold, but we are up and running again :slight_smile:


Have a look at that! :slight_smile:

After we have made it to the sov map, our first wardec came along as expected. A waste of money of course, but maybe some fun can come out of it? :wink:

Still looking for more people :slight_smile:

4 characters up the last few days. We have room for many more :slight_smile:

R64 moon mining in deep null = a chill way to make good money while listeing to music, or chat on ts :slight_smile:

A couple new ones in an talking to a few more. We have room for more teamplayers :slight_smile:

RL calls for the weekend, so recruitment will be on hold until monday. Feel free to join our Discord and say hi to the guys until I return and we can resume my daily business

RL is no longer interfering with Eve, so recruitment is on again :slight_smile:

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I think you too should join our little group. Dank memes inside

Room for more :slight_smile:

Friday! :beers:

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Lots happening :smiley: plenty of room

A really good gang has joined, and we want more good people to join our merry band :blush:

And we have passed the 20 characters mark :partying_face: A steady growth is good. Not too fast, but just right.

Things happening, much money to be made! Chilled environment and an active player base! Get in here… options for new and returning players…

This one is going places, so listen to that guy -^

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Thanx to the ones that have trusted us with their eve time so far, a great bunch :slight_smile:

We have room for more!

Some keen fresh blood in over the last week. Plenty more spaces, isk to be made! Did we mention the moons? :smiley: