[EUTZ] EndlessRain - friendly industrial corp with a reason to login


Friendly - supportive - purpose

Here at EndlessRain we welcome everyone that adhere to our core principles.

Friendly means we don’t stir drama and behave somewhat civilized and make friends
Supportive means we help eachother out and play as a group
Purpose means we have goals in corp we want you to participate in to achieve

EndlessRain is predominately an industry based corporation. This does not mean that the corp exist to enrich itself or it’s owner. Everything generated from the corp will go back to it’s employees. Either in the way of BPC’s, access to structures, access to moons, ships, or hard cash for your good work.

We are close to Jita and via our alliance, Toxic Shockwave, we have access to nullsec and our own R64 moons!

EndlessRain are producers of the finest rigs in game and are looking for employees in the following areas:

  • Exploring
  • Manufactoring
  • Logistics

We are however always looking for:

  • Miners - did I mention R64 moons \o/
  • PVP’ers - or those willing to learn
  • FC’s - or those willing to try

EndlessRain are proud members of Toxic Shockwave alliance

If you want to have a chat, come over to our Discord :slight_smile: