🚀 [EUTZ+] Rift Watch: Small-Gang, Serious Fun! Hi-Sec based team with PVE, FW + Low, Null & NPSI Roams

Hey there, Cosmic Crusaders!! :rocket:



A Brief-ish Description: :scroll:
Story time: Let’s rewind to some time in 2022 when a ‘seasoned’ vet with rose-tinted spectacles figured it would be a good idea to drag a bunch of starry-eyed rookies from the RWG Discord into the merciless cosmos of EVE Online, all with the noble goal of playing this game 'casually’. Spoiler alert: We got blown up a lot and most of those rookies found EVE to be as welcoming as a porcupine in a balloon factory. But hey, fast forward a year and a half, and we’re still here, still playing, and still loving every brutal, chaotic moment that EVE has to offer us.

As it stands right now, we’re still a small, tight-knit community with a passion for squeezing the most fun out of our small-gang focused content in the limited free time most of us have. With work, families, and all the other real-life stuff that keeps us busy, finding the right kind of player to join our merry band is crucial, so we’ve been pretty selective with recruitment whenever we have opened up over the past year.

We’ve been doing pretty well though, dedicating a couple of nights a week to group shenanigans. Typically, we hang out and do all of the usual corp stuff that others do, but on a smaller, cozier scale. This can be anything from rocking around in Homefronts, messing around in Abyssals, or joining NPSI Incursion or yeet fleets. However, we particularly enjoy diving into Faction Warfare—often rotating it once a week or every other week as a group activity. And of course, there’s always some small gang roaming mischief for kicks.

Mostly though with our community, we treasure the peace and quiet of being a smaller group with that warm, fuzzy, close-knit vibe and lack of big-corp politics and all of the headaches that come with it. That being said, we realise we’ve still got a little room to grow, so we’re on the lookout for a couple of well-suited players to join our space family.

If you’re up for some potentially epic adventures with a misfit crew that’s like a bargain bin version of the Guardians of the Galaxy minus the talking raccoon, come check us out. Rift Watch might just be the EVE home you’ve been searching for!

What We Offer: :gift:

  • High-Sec Based Corp (Everyshore Region): Close proximity to Jita, Hek, and Dodixie but with great access to low-sec. Yeah, we’re in the suburbs.
  • Timezone: EU, Typically mon-fri between 17:00-23:00 eve time. (sporadically on weekends)
  • 24/7 Discord Access: Stay connected with the gang anytime, anywhere via our active Discord channel. We promise endless friendly banter, spontaneous gaming sessions, and a few groan-worthy jokes.
  • Welcoming Group: A small, friendly bunch in our 20s, 30s, and 40s, with zero interest in being a political null-sec mega-corp. We’re more like a chill coffee club, but with lasers.
  • Group Nights: Typically 2 nights a week for scheduled group/corp content (Mon/Thurs). For everything else, we wing it. Plus, extra chaos courtesy of our NPSI friends.
  • Diverse Interests: A community full of well-mannered nerds who also enjoy PC gaming outside of EVE too - if that interest you.
  • Rotating Content: PvE (Homefronts, Missions, Mining, Escalations) and PvP (Faction Warfare, Roams, and additional NPSI fleets). Basically, all the fun stuff.
  • Everyone Has a Voice: We save room for suggestions and improvements! Round-table style, so you can bring new events and content to the table, and even lead them if you want. Democracy, baby!
  • Growth Potential: Open to members helping to shape and grow the group as we dive into more interesting content together. Be a builder, not just a bystander.
  • No SP or Subscription Limits: Whether you’re rocking 2m SP or 100m SP, Alpha or Omega, we are happy to have you so long as you bring your enthusiasm, willingness to engage, and a knack for learning on the fly. We’re not looking for the best, just those willing to give it their best shot!

What We Are Looking For: :man_detective:

  • Social Vibes: Friendship is the best ship in Eve, or so they say. If you’re happiest playing in a smaller team, with less of a mega-corp kind of vibe, and more of a cozy pub crawl through space then maybe—just maybe—check us out. If being part of a tight-knit group where friendship and fun matter more than ISK and stats, I can promise you, you’ll fit right in. Come for the social, stay for the explosions!
  • Voice Comms Enthusiasts: PvP, PvE, or just shooting the breeze, you’ll get the most out of us by jumping on voice chat. Trust me, we have a real nice bunch and it’s not even half as scary as your last blind date.
  • Active Players: If you like to log in a few evenings a week and dive into group chaos, hang out and socialise then you’re our kind of space cadet. You don’t need to be a hardcore player, casual is fine so long as you join in.
  • Self Sufficiency: We’re more than happy to support you, train you and learn with you, but babysit you, we will not. Everyone is here to ‘game’ so we really want folks who can both create and enjoy content together as part of our team. We’ve got corp and NPSI activities to supplement your fun so it’s all on you to put on your big-boy pants and take those first baby steps.

TL;DR: :yawning_face:

Now if you’ve skipped the above and jumped straight to the TL;DR, you’re in luck because you obviously saw the clues on how to get your free bajillion ISK from us, right?.. Right?

Jokes aside there’s no TL;DRing today guys. Buckle up for some serious scrolling back up to the top because we’re dead serious about finding that special breed of player, someone who’s down for all the goodies we’ve listed. But hey, if that’s not your cup of tea, no hard feelings. We’re not for everyone, and that’s cool. Thanks for stopping by though!


Where Next? :question:
Take the time to look at our webpage, it explains everything in more detail if you are interested. Rift Watch Corporation
Then, reach out to either Bookmiester or Silencer-UK via eve-mail. We’ll get back to you ASAP (usually within 24 hours), answer any questions, and arrange an in-game chat to see if we’re a good fit for each other.

NB: Guidance is offered but does not guarantee it won’t get you destroyed :smile:
Also, we don’t own any structures currently, so we’re free from war decs at this time.

RW eve community

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Its like your corp might be right up my street. Sounds like lots of fun, I’ll be in touch in game

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:flying_saucer:We’re keeping the airlock open a tad longer for any other brave souls ready to buckle up and trial with our merry band of misfits. You know where we are, so hit one of us up with a DM here or an in-game EVE mail.

Checked out your posts and your website. Would like to have a chat with somebody if possible at some point. Thinking about returning to the game after 10 years away and you guys sound like a good fit.

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You can either message me in-game, or I can mail you there shortly with some details and we can certainly get that sorted for you.

:rocket: Just a casual little bump as I have a couple of free evenings coming up should anyone else be interested and want to get placed and settled before the upcoming expansion.

Book o7

I actually sent an in-game mail for you to take a look at Tokra but wasn’t sure if you had logged in to see it as you said you were “thinking about returning to the game” (and maybe not actually in-game as of yet). Anyway, just give me a quick reply to that if you are still interested.

On the off chance that anyone out there is still floating around without a home now that the expansion has dropped and is looking for the perfect corp, we’ve got a couple of slots left before we close the doors for a bit.

You can hit me up here or slide into my in-game mail over the next couple of days.