🚀 [EUTZ+] Rift Watch - Social Group, Hi-Sec Based, Small Gang Content ( FW, Low/Null + NPSI Roams)

Greetings Space Nerds!!! :rocket:

A Brief Description: :scroll:
So a little about us first. Our group initially formed in 2022 with a returning vet player who decided to drag a bunch of rookies from the RWG Discord into Eve Online with the intention of just ‘playing casually’. As expected most of those rookies found Eve to be absolutely brutal, but here we are a little over a year and a half later still playing and still enjoying the game. As of right now we’re still a small community with a passion for enjoying the limited amount of free time we actually get to ourselves so finding the right type of player to join in with is quite important to us, hence we have taken recruitment fairly slowly over the last year, and will continue to do so.
Things have been going well though and as of now we dedicate a couple of nights per week to group activities, mostly around just hanging out together while we play. Typically we do a mix all of the regular stuff that corps do but on a smaller scale and when we get the chance we also enjoy joining in with NPSI yeet fleets, Incursions, and a little bit of Faction Warfare or small gang roaming for fun. Mainly though we like the peace and quiet of being a smaller group with that close-knit feeling, but we still have a little room to expand hence looking for a couple of well suited players to join us.

What We Offer: :gift:

  • High Sec Corp (Everyshore Region), still close enough to Jita, Hek and Dodixie but with good access to low-sec.
  • Timezone: EU, Typically mon-fri between 17:00-23:00 eve time. (sporadically on weekends)
  • 2 dedicated nights a week for group/corp content (Mon/Thurs),
    ↳ Extra nights via our NPSI community.
  • Small and welcoming group with little interest in being a political null-sec mega-corp.
    ↳ Social bunch in our 20’s 30’s and 40’s.
  • A good variety of well mannered players on our discord that includes PC gaming outside of EVE too - if you want it.
  • We rotate our content as needed with PvE (Homefronts, Missions, Mining, Escalations, etc) and PvP (Faction Warfare, Roams and additional NPSI fleets).
  • Everyone has a voice: We always save room for suggestions and improvement! We operate a round-table style group; giving everyone a chance to bring new events and content to the table and even lead them if you so wish.
  • The potential to help grow and shape the group more as we lean into more interesting group content.

What We Are Looking For: :male_detective:

  • Players that enjoy activity a few evenings a week and happily support/engage in group content when able.
  • Those that can play independently sometimes. Our aim is not to spoon-feed content 24/7, but for us all to actively partake in both the creating and enjoying of content together.
  • Players happy to use voice comms, whether it’s PvP or PvE or just social content, you will get the most out of us by just getting involved! It’s not that scary!

What Should You Offer? :beers:

  • There are no SP or Subscription limits, be Alpha or Omega, 2m SP or 100m SP all are welcome so bring yourself, a willingness to engage, and at least some ability to learn as you play.
  • As mentioned before, be self sufficient - we offer support but not guard rails. We aim to compliment this with corp activities, but don’t depend on hand-holding 24/7.
  • Ideally be seeking a smaller close-knit corp - be in it for the social and the friendship and we are positive you will get along just fine.

TLDR: :yawning_face:

  • Nope, not today. Take the time to go back and read it, we are serious about finding a handful of the right players to enhance our group so if perhaps you are not the kind of person to be interested in all of the above then it’s most likely that we are not for you. Sorry.

Where Next? :question:
Take the time to look at our webpage, it explains everything in more detail if you are interested. Rift Watch Corporation
Then, contact either Bookmiester or Silencer-UK via eve-mail
We will do our best to get back to you ASAP (usually within 24 hours), answer any questions you might have and arrange an in-game chat to to work out if we would all be a good fit for each other.

NB: Guidance is offered but does not guarantee it won’t get you destroyed :smile:
We also don’t own any structures currently, so we are free from war decs at this time.

Recruitment is still open, send me a mail in game if you’re interested.

A small bump here just to let you know that we are still open for business and looking for those who may be interested. I am also back from my holidays so will add my name back to the recruiters list and I will be free to chat alongside Silencer should anyone wish to know more. Just ping me/Bookmiester in game or catch me in the advertised channel.

Got some time to play over the Easter weekend?
Contact us now and be flying with us by tomorrow!

Another small bump for anyone that is interested. We have filled a few spots already but are happy to keep the doors open a little longer for others should they wish to trickle in.

Grab a brew and come have a chat with us.

I currently have some free time over this weekend now if anyone has any questions so i should be able to get on to chat pretty quickly.

You guys take returning players? I dont remember anything i played during covid

Yeah absolutely, we dont have any problems with it. Most of our guys are returning vets anyway so if you want to jump into the RWG+Friends chat you are more than welcome to come grab us for a conversation if you are on in a while.

Beep boop bump! The doors are still open.

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Just another casual bump to let you guys know we are still currently open and happy to have a chat with any of you.

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no discord guys?

Hi ZeNeX-7
Yes we have ourselves a Discord. Jump in to game and contact one of us if you are interested and we can sort you out with our details for it.

Book o7

So a little about us first. Our group initially formed in 2022 with a returning vet player who decided to drag a bunch of rookies from the RWG Discord into Eve Online

  • A good variety of well mannered players on our discord that includes PC gaming outside of EVE too - if you want it.

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