🚀 [EUTZ+] Rift Watch - Social Group, Hi-Sec Based, Small Gang Content ( FW, Low/Null + NPSI Roams)

Standard bump (no magic today… sorry)

:magic_wand: One more bump to get it through, recruitment’s open,… see you soon?!

:magic_wand: With this bump, we’re back in sight, recruitment’s open, join the fight!

:musical_note: :dancer: Don’t you know, bump it up you got to bump it up :beer: :nauseated_face:

:magic_wand: Refresh with a bump, don’t let it slide, come join with us, we’ll be your guide!



:magic_wand: Another bump, with style and wit, not just a plain old ‘bump’ bit!

:magic_wand: Here’s todays message, it’s no surprise, We don’t just say ‘bump’ like those other guys!

:magic_wand: Here’s a bump, with words that pop, not just a lazy ‘bump’ drop!

:magic_wand: Bump it loud, with style and cheer, boring ‘bumps’ we don’t do here!

:magic_wand: Another day, another bump, just please don’t vote for Tronald Dump!