EVE and Manjaro?

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just out of curiosity, can anybody tell me about his experiences to install and run EVE on Manjaro Linux?

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Works flawless on my installation of Manjaro in 32- and 64bit mode. Used for this my Installer Package which you can find on AUR (Maybe i should update the EVE Installing thread here).

To build your own package from the AUR sources have a look on the ARCH Wiki how to use them. An buildscript for non-arch-based distributions like Redhat or Debian are included which you can use for creating an installer for other distributions.

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Did you have any issues with updates at all? Every time I bring up the launcher, it says I have an update, I click OK to apply and it just closes forever. No errors or anything in the terminal. I think I’ll have to update it manually.

My script or package are only supposed to be an bootstrap for the official evelauncher and delivers some desktop launchers especially for EVE and his settings in wine. If there was an update so you should use it.
Which version of evelauncher have you running? (stays on the bottom line 2nd entry, on my screenshot i use launcher version 1514997 and an devilspie2 script to hide the window decoration on evelauncher)

P.S. just seen, that there is a new version out, AUR packages updated to this version 1533874.

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