Eve online on Manjaro Linux

so, i finally got tired of windows pushing me around so i switched to Linux
pc stats is
intel i7-2600
12 gb ram
250gb ssd

eve ran fine before in windows…

but i cant get it to run in Manjaro
i tried this method Installing EVE on Linux - EVE University Wiki
but i get an error message in terminal and launcher never starts…
tried winetricks, lutris… nothing

the closest i got is wine… the launcher starts… but when i click on a account to log in… nothing happens…

i got wine 6.16 something

please help

tried steam too

you might want to actually read through the linux subforums. CCP has no intention to add any support for this OS

so i should give up?

i didn’t say that… i said read through the linux subforum… some folks are still making linux work.

ok thanks

Works on my Linux machine™

Steam Proton 5.10-0 (Wine 5.0 based) after copying the launcher pyd file across and using PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command% launch parameters.

See https://www.protondb.com/app/8500 and EVE Online - Lutris

tried every version of proton, launcher wont start

Hi, i had severe problems with the Eve-client on my Arch vanilla installation a couple of weeks ago and i tried both the Steam-client and Wine. I prefer Wine but thats another topic. This guide on the forums solved the problem!

Good luck!


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