Eve (and Mumble) not recognizing some key inputs

Hello, I just updated my mid 2015 MBP to Big Sur.

After the update I noticed certain commands are no longer working. For example, I have always used “Control + Space” to stop my ship. It no longer recognizes that and now I must press “fn + control + space” to stop my ship using keyboard commands.

At the same time, my alliance uses mumble and it also is no longer recognizing my push to talk buttons. I was using “[” for shout and “” for my wisper key.

I assume the 2 issues are related somehow. I did try deleting and reinstalling mumble and after reinstalling I saw the following message in the global shortcut setup page "Mumble can currently only use mouse buttons and keyboard modifier keys (Alt, Ctrl, Cmd, etc.) for global shortcuts.

If you want more flexibility, you can add Mumble as a trusted accessibility program in the Security & Privacy section of your Mac’s System Preferences.

In the Security & Privacy preference pane, change to the Privacy tab. Then choose Accessibility (near the bottom) in the list to the left. Finally, add Mumble to the list of trusted accessibility programs."

So I went and checked that setting but both mumble and Eve are already listed on that list. I tried removing and readding them to the list with no change.

Does anyone else have something I could try to fix this?

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