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Confident enough to charge for use, but not confident enough to release source code?


Not sure what the cost of hosting has to do with releasing the source code. It’s not like I’m making a ton of ISK with that.

I never planned for a release because the intention behind this bot was an easy setup. You click a link and you are done, as opposed to getting a server and setting up the environment and the database. I’d have to write a setup guide for that and take the different linux distros and windows in mind. I’m not sure I want to do that. The code as it is now is not easily portable for self hosting.

The possibility to assign roles based on Factional Warfare enlistements has been added.

Cool bot, I do wish the backend was open sourced though. It would be nice to verify what the bot is doing with the tokens/data collected.

Is there a way to change the operator (the !) for this bot yet? I would love to be able to modify this as I have so many bots and they ALL use the same operator. I am trying to get them all on different operators but this one seems to be overriding others when I am trying to get to the configuration.
I love the bot otherwise. Works great and plan on keeping it.

Operators are just a list of people who are allowed to configure the bot. There is an option in the configuration for that.


When you click in the input field, a drop down menu with the people on your discord server should open. Select the ones that you want to allow to configure the bot and save the configuration. After that, they will be able to use the !config, !activate and !deactivate commands.

Important to know is, that only the owner of the discord server will have initial access to the bot configuration. He will have to add operators to the list. After that, any operator can add more operators.

EDIT 1: Reading this again I think what you meant was the prefix for commands, not the bot operators. I will look into adding an option for that.

EDIT 2: Done. There is an option now to set your own prefix if you don’t want to use an exclamation mark (!) and would rather prefer to start commands with something else.


Can this bot synchronise thith coorporation website… Or it not have this thing… ?

Does the bot have some problems currently? Two of my new Discord members doesn’t get their authentification and stay without roles.

it might have been related to the ESI being down on Sunday.

I’m currently re-programming this bot from the ground up. New plugin system, role management and a graphical programming interface for whatever conditions you need. Just drag and drop an ESI Endpoint and do with it whatever you want.

The plan is to support every possible ESI Endpoint that makes sense for a bot, including the ones for fleet management. Also planning to include paypal support, because some people asked for it for their servers. Still got some work to do, but it’s slowly taking form.

Everyone who’s currently using this bot will be switched over to the new one when it’s done. No action required. Your configurations will be migrated.

Just a heads up, because I’ve been a bit quiet lately.


Great bot, works as advertised.

Updated back-end looks great already; corp-ticket based roles would be fantastic for our use, together with the Title to group members more logically.

Keep up the great work!

Any updates to the developments? We really like this bot but start hitting the limitations. New version looks great for us to keep using it.

Works great! Having some fidgeting with some of the roles overwriting but it is snazzy so far.

So, a little update. The deployment of the new bot was planned about a month ago, but I’ve run into a problem with the standing logic, which required a rewrite of that part of the code. The new bot will release soon (I promise), just a bit more testing to do.

Due to the delay, the requirement for monthly payment for the current bot has been removed. Until the new bot is out of beta, you will not have to pay anything for using this bot.

Thanks for the patience!

This bot is great! Works as described. Perfect for a small corp and definitely worth the price. Looking forward to seeing the new one!

Edit: Thanks for putting in the effort to do a hosted discord bot for the community Nexus.

Will the new bot be able to assign discord roles depending on Corp titles set on a character instead of just roles?

Yes, that will be possible.

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Feature compatibility with the old bot is complete now. I’ll do some last cleanup work and will then transfer the configurations of the current 121 servers we are running on. This can take a while because I can’t do that fully automatic.

Beta of the new bot will start soon. During this beta, no payment is required. The beta will last until some more features I want for the new bot are complete. Every payment you made for the old bot will be transfered over as well and the time you have left will start ticking again at the end of the beta.

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The new bot is now online and running!

Any payment you made to this bot will be transfered to the new one. You will not lose any ISK. While the new bot is in BETA, you will additionally not have to pay anything for using it. The ESI tokens of your Discord members have been transfered over to the new bot. They will NOT have to re-authenticate. Unfortunately due to the substantial differences in how the new bot handles the data, I was NOT able to transfer your server configuration to the new bot.

Please do the following:

The old bot will still keep running for a while, so no rush. However, while it will keep users that are already authenticated in check, it will no longer accept new authentications. There was unfortunately no way around this, because I had to use the same EVE Application to keep the tokens valid and change the callback to the new bot. I suggest you move to the new bot in the next days, to avoid any problems. Sorry for this.

If you have any questions regarding the new bot and how to configure it, join the development Discord server: https://discord.gg/CjXDjfD

Thanks, have fun with the new bot! There is much on the horizon!

EDIT: I will open a proper thread for the new bot soon.

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