EVE Auth - Discord Bot


(AtomicWing) #21

Any updates to the developments? We really like this bot but start hitting the limitations. New version looks great for us to keep using it.

(Siigari Kitawa) #22

Works great! Having some fidgeting with some of the roles overwriting but it is snazzy so far.

(Nexuscrawler) #23

So, a little update. The deployment of the new bot was planned about a month ago, but I’ve ran into a problem with the standing logic, which required a rewrite of that part of the code. The new bot will release soon (I promise), just a bit more testing to do.

Due to the delay, the requirement for monthly payment for the current bot has been removed. Until the new bot is out of beta, you will not have to pay anything for using this bot.

Thanks for the patience!