Are discord authentication bots in demand?

I was looking for a discord bot to authenticate our alliance members and blues and couldn’t really find one (or was too stupid to) that would fit the sort of configuration we needed. The few I looked into were doing lots of other stuff or needed an unnecessary amount of setup. So I made my own.

It is running stable and is currently in alpha. The only thing it focuses on is authenticating members, assigning hoist roles and moving them to the defined discord roles based on their ingame corporation roles, their group membership (corporation, alliance, coalition, donut) and their standings. No additional features are planned by design. It should just do this one thing well and cover every possible combination of group memberships, corporation roles and standings.

Is something like this in demand? Because I could easily make it public. I can see larger groups all having their own discord bots, but this might be interesting for the smaller alliances and corporations out there. Do you think people would pay ISK for stuff like that?

Let me know if it’s worth the effort please. Thanks!


They are kind of in demand, as it’s the main area where Discord is lagging behind TS3/Mumble for alliance comms. Do keep in mind though that TS3/Mumble are much more configurable (and in some cases, reliable) than Discord, which drives some of the biggest player groups away. Don’t expect them to sign on.

I actually found Discord to be quiet reliable and the voice channels seem to work fine too, but I might just have had luck so far. We are running both Teamspeak and Discord currently.

Are there outages every now and then or lags?

Yeah, the servers I’m in have a voice channel maybe about once a month, but they are fixable by getting the server owner to go into settings and switch the region the server operates out of. I’ve also heard that Discord scales more poorly when you have hundreds of members in a channel. But otherwise, it’s great for small entities.

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