Need ESI Guidence

Hello, I’m looking to create a simple discord bot that changes the user nickname and grants roles based on the corp they are in. This would be on an alliance level. A simple killmail feed would also be great.
I have no idea where to start, this could be in either Python or node.js. I can make a discord bot but integrating it into eve online seems to be where i hit a wall.

Any help would be appreciated

Heya, assuming that you’re familiar with api calls, here are some resources i recommend you look at and play around with:

I have actually have two bots that do those things if you would like to take a look at them they are open source. The intel bot can be hosted by anyone and is used by others so you can get your killfeed. As for the Nicknames and stuff I built one that did this when Discord first came out then revamped it. Here are the Repos if you want to see. Feel free to poke me if you need help or have questions:

w9jds/aura-bot: EVE Online Discord Bot (

Old Examples (Deprecated)
w9jds/discord-killbot: Killbot that pushes kills from Eve Online as they appear on zkill, filtered down to alliance/corp of your choice. (
w9jds/aura-node: Discord bot Example written in typescript (

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