LF ZKill Discord Bot


Was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I’ve recently returned to game after some time out and am looking to get me and my corp back up and running to the old status quo we had.
We used to use the Firetail discord bot which doesn’t appear to work anymore.
Would anyone be able to advise on an alternative to firetail that can be used for kill posts, price checks and routes etc like the old one. I have the original files from the old firetail bot but though I’m not completely computer illiterate, without a little bit of an idiots guide I’m not sure I could get it up and running hosted on my own server.

Any help would be appreciated.

Looks to be a few in the discord tools section GitHub - devfleet/awesome-eve: A list of 3rd party Applications and Tools for the awesome Eve Online MMO.

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We use Insight

Can either invite it or host it yourself, never had any issues.

Im not sure on functionality beyond killmail streams through.

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