Small Discord killbot: Hazardous-Killbot

Hey guys,

after the insight bot, which was also used by my friends shut down i was asked, if i could develop a new bot for discord similar then it. I’ve decided to do so, so lets introduce:

The bot is developed in NodeJS (Typescript) using a websocket to listen on the zkillboard websocket for new kills. It is configurable via Discord slash commands for each individual channel and server. Configs for this are saved in small JSON files inside a data directory. Currently the bot will only Post links to the killmails to a channel configured. There is only the default link box of discord and nothing fancy yet, but that meight come in the future.
I am also hosting a public killbot on my Server, which can be invited to any Server you want if you don’t want to Setup your own or have no knowhow of doing so.

Invite the Bot to your Server!

If there are any further questions just ask. For issues feel free to open an Issue request on the github page. Or join our Discord Server

If you like my work i would be happy about Ingame Donations as i don’t earn money for pew pew when coding :stuck_out_tongue: .

Fly save o7


I’m commander Shepard and this is my favorite bot on the citadel.



It looks like I can invite the bot to Discord without setting up the Docker Container.

If that is true/possible, what is the purpose of the Docker container?

I pinged on the Discord but didn’t hear back

Just some fun fact: ppl need sleep sometimes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (joking aside, i am living in europe and i usally sleep at 4am :slight_smile: )

For your question:
Yes of cause you can. Just invite it to your server using my link up in the first post. This bot is hosted on a docker container on my own server and public for everyone to invite. The docker containers are for ppl who want to understand how everything works or host their own bot because they fear i will spy on their server (what i am much to lazy to do).

I miss Insight :sob: So good your picking up the pieces @SvenBrnn :slight_smile:

Can we get an option that limites to Region ?

yea, that would be possible. I will create a ticket on github and check if i can implement it when having some time

@Kiera_Oramara your wish for a region filter was implementet :slight_smile:


how about this ?

/zkill-subscribe corporation [id] region [id] ([min-vaue])

So post kills for a corp in a specific region :slight_smile:

Unfortunatly that won’t be possible.
/zkill-subscribe corporation is a subcommand of /zkill-subscribe, however discord does unfortunatly not allow nested subcommands. I will try to figure out a solution. Since discord not not require the optional params in a specific order it should be possible to just add filter params.

/zkill-subscribe corporation [id] ([filter-region-id]) ([filter-system-id]) ([filter-constellation-id]) ([min-vaue])
Since the options are optional discord will let you choose which ones you want to fill.

I will try to extend my code with that when i got time. I also plan on changing the [id] to a [id/name] option with a search from the ESI if the name was not unique.

I’ve implemented it. I also added colors for killmails using the discord embed feature.

The bot is closely to the threshold of 75 Servers now, so ill try to get it verifyed by discord pretty soon.

The bot is now an official verifyed discord bot. :tada: :confetti_ball:


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