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Do you do highsec combat sites? Have you ever wanted to buy or sell your escalations? Now you can!

My goal when creating this was to get around the whole “this attracts bad people” saying, and create something the EVE Community will be able to use and enjoy safely.

How did i do that? By using an EVE auth bot for discord, anyone whos ever been in big nullsec corps or even some other groups knows what these do.

If you don’t know

auth-bot is for authenticating your discord users against their ingame characters, nothing else. It can assign roles based on group membership (in Corporation, Alliance, Coalition, Faction, etc.), standings and corporation roles (Director, Accountant, etc.). If you want, it will also create hoist roles based on the name of the Corporation, Alliance or Coalition the characters are in. It can also change the discord nicknames of your users to their ingame character names.

Basically it will know who you are.

How does this help make it more secure?

1: If you don’t auth, you can’t see any of the channels in the discord for buying or selling escalations

2: It has a blacklist system, which means certain people and “groups” will NEVER be allowed to auth or see these channels

3: We also have a 0 tolerance ban policy, which means any attempted scams or wrongdoings will result in an instant ban from the discord, and you will be added to the Auth blacklist which means you will never be able to auth or see any of the discord channels again.

In other words - You can either use the service legitimately to make an income. Or never be able to use it again.
(at some point we may also add more features to the auth bot to make this even more secure, currently those are “in development”)

In the in-game channel and discord we also have links and guides to combat sites and escalations!

I hope everyone can use and enjoy this!


This sounds cool.

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Will definitely try it

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Come join 40+ people in the new, fast growing EVE Escalation community! For buying and selling escalations!

Reminder: This exists

join the escalation running community!

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