EvE Avatar Creation Software

When it came out, EvE’s avatar creation software was some of the most impressive of it’s kind and it still stands today.

I am wondering who or which team at CCP was responsible for building said software, or did they outsource it.

Any information about this topic would be wildly appreciated.

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Agreed 100%, Eve’s Character Creation / Customization program is definitely impressive.

I don’t think it was outsourced, more likely done in-house which would explain why it took so long to implement.


I found out the project was called Carbon Character Technology and development of it commenced surrounding the World of Darkness MMO but I am not certain of this.

Again any information that goes more in depth regarding the creation and development of this tech would be appreciated.


Google search will bring up a lot.

And yeah, I’ve heard it said that the Character Creation program in Eve was implemented simply as a beta test for World Of Darkness. I don’t know if that’s entirely true or not.

I do know that CCP actually presented the idea for Avatar content to be added to Eve back in 2007 and earlier. I think when they finally got the Carbon program to work, they got overly excited and basically jumped overboard and started putting resources into developing World Of Darkness. My understanding is they couldn’t get the actual Avatar / Carbon Tech program to generate multiple Avatars without crashing the program.

They had some presentation about avatars being animated at Las Vegas 2019. Probably couple of people still working in spare time on technology.

The historic figures are now just history, CPP had layed off half of company in the meantime since Incarna. Hard to assess who may still be there from original teams. Maybe few people.

CCP has a rich and interesting history indeed. Just like the history of events within EVE itself.

What times were had. And what times are yet to come. Really curious to see what direction EVE is going to take with this pearl abyss takeover.

It remains to be seen.

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I really think this needs a bit of an update…

I know we don’t really use the Avatar anymore (no captain’s quarters or WIS) but when you first design your avatar there really should be more of selection! need more hairstyles and clothes!!!

Great suggestion :slight_smile:

Great suggestion since 2011. :wink:

But hairs were reported by devs as being really taking too much time to make. It isnt bad anyway. The variations cover lots of different styles. The more would look like just slight variations of the already available.

But hats, there is still so much that can be done. :thinking:


They could vastly expand on the wardrobe in terms of clothing, colors and costumes :smiley:


Yeah, instead of just constantly adding ship skins, they could add more Apparel Items. Already got plenty of Hat’s and T-shirts, need to add other Apparel items as well.

Anyway, a little over 6 months ago I went on a Character Creation Spree and posted a thread about it here.

There was also a discussion about Character Idle Movements with CCP Darwin in this thread.

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