Eve Benchmark

Will there ever be a chance to benchmark the game? a test to points that pushes to the maximum the presence of ships or however objects?

A benchmark capable of disrupting hardware configurations, whatever they are, could become hands down the standard for online content creators

I’m not sure I understand the value of this, but a benchmark that could test how many clients you could run would be useful for multiboxing scum (and those thinking about getting into multiboxing).

And for those that are interested, you can buy plex on the test server for 100 isk each. So, that’s currently the easiest way to see how many clients you can run.

no, i mean the benchmarks that tech youtubers do to test hardware configurations

Okay, I suppose it would be a form of advertising for the game. So, it might be worth the dev time. But, why would people want to use Eve online to do benchmarks? I’m seriously asking. Like, why would tech enthusiasts and professionals want to run an Eve online benchmark when there are already a ton of synthetic and AAA game benchmarks available?

Because the available benchmarks around AAA titles get old. While with a fully configurable “eve benchmark” (at least the way I imagine it) you can overload the numbers of ships displayed until your system goes “in mystic crisis”. Not to mention the breathtaking scenery viewable to the general public. This could also be useful for the eve online players themselves. Because they could know in advance what scenarios they can participate in without affecting their result in a fleet pvp.

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