CCP please release more Eve gamer stats

CCP please release more gamer stats

It would be nice to see a regular statistics for hardware and software, OS platform, rendering API version and so forth, something like Steam hardware stats.

I think it is long overdue that we can see this given the foundational changes going on in the Eve client technology and lifecycles of platforms.

I don’t see why they should be kept secret, Valve release theirs frequently and they’re a great insight to the gaming community technology.

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yeah it would be great to see definitive proof to show that Linux should just be forgotten about :slight_smile:


At least we would have concrete stats and trends to discuss specific to Eve.

sorry. it was low. but i just couldnt resist :slight_smile:


I could mention dying Windows 7 :slight_smile: But… that’s in another thread.

In fact, it may be a surprise and Linux is a high % and it would put more pressure for a native client :smiley: Perhaps that’s why it’s not public.

But regardless, having the stats imo would be a great thing to have.

if the stats for linux for eve specifically, is as low as it is for steam, i seriously doubt ccp much less PA will go through ANY effort for a linux native client…

This thread isn’t about a Linux native client, it’s about getting stats, whatever way they roll.

im just responding to your comment

And I was responding to CCP please release more Eve gamer stats - #2 by Etch_Masuka which already derailed it.

How the stats would be used is hardly off topic from requesting the stats.

Let’s get the stats first shall we?

You know that’s not how discussion of suggestions works. Of course people will talk about how the suggested change could be leveraged.

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Once we get the stats we can start throwing pies.

You mean if - but you were throwing pies without them, so that’s a silly ask for you to make.

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Bot net 10 is bad enough, I seriously doubt I’ll be coerced into bot net 11.

It definitely is, lol.

Oh no it Isn’t.

Is this a stealth “retire Win 7/8” thread?

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