Eve Anywhere performance

Do people still use it as the main way to play EVE? I decided to take a look at what’s happening in EVE because of the 1 Plex for 3 days offer and it seems hardly playable - mostly 35 fps and lower, inside station(Jita is even worse, around 25 fps) or outside, with graphics detail options not providing a sufficient performance gain - unless going for full potato mode, I guess.

It ran at very stable 55-60 fps at max details before(I last played several months ago) and that was okay for casual high sec play, so I wonder wth has happened? Cloud hardware “nerfed” to save costs, new bogus graphics options murdering fps for everyone or just some random glitch?

Stop whining.

Just play on minimal graphics like everyone else.

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If you set it on low graphics it seems to work ok, your right station are laggy and undocking jita can be iffy. But i found once the grid loaded it ran great, somethings seem to happen fast too but that maybe my location close to the server :thinking:


I’m sad that eve-anywhere is ending because it runs much smoother than in my launcher. When I use my launcher, Eve is a bit draggy, and any video I may be running on my system also drags. I have a relatively fast system and very fast internet upload and download speed. I was under the impression that the new launcher was supposed to improve gameplay, but it does not run better than Eve-anywhere.

I don’t know about other OSs but in Windows I doubt the new launcher has any real impact on game performance because its running exactly the same .exe file as the older launcher, its just a different interface to launch the game unless its doing something behind the scenes.

I don’t use eve anywhere regularly but when I have tried it the picture is never particularly crisp/clear so you should be able to beat the experience with it running locally, since it isn’t a particularly demand game, especially with having a fast computer.

It sounds as though there is there is another underlying issue possibly with gpu/drivers, particularly if you are having problems with video playback, although one thing you could try is disabling DX12 in the launcher because I’ve seen quite a few people experiencing issues with it.

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