Multiboxing test

Hi, i am thinking about multiboxing with another account or 2.
I am not sure if my computer can handle it tho, so my question is, is there a test server or something where i can launch multiple accounts without the need of the omega state?
I want to be sure i can do it before spending money on it

You might be able to sign into Tranquility and Singularity at the same time.

Okay so there is no test server that grants you an omega state? I would be able to just make 2 accounts and log them at the same time

Not that I am aware of.

Okay thanks

What equipment do you have ? some of us (including me) have some pretty old low-end kit, and may be able to give you some idea if yours will work OK.

It is not that my pc is old, it is that i made it for low gaming, because i didn’t want to spend much since i am moving soon.
I have an asus b350-a mb, 8 gb ram 2666mhz and an apu ryzen 5 2400g.
Eve always smoothly goes at 60 fps, after maybe 10 seconds of adjusting time on log in, and i also play gta v on 60 fps, just cause 4 on 60 fps and other games.
My monitor is not full hd, so i play at 768p.
My biggest concern is the ram, since my apu automatically absorbs 2 gb, and i run windows 10 so it is just there wasting ram.
Also my hdd is 6800 rpm, with only 30 mb/s writing/reading and i have dumb windows absorbing more than half on idle.
What do you think?

I believe you can buy PLEX on Singularity (it’s seeded at 100 ISK) and use that to upgrade your account to Omega on the test server - it will still be Alpha on the Production server.

Oh okay so i can upgrade it on singularity.
My main account is omega anyway, i would be upgrading only one.
Let me try it out

i don’t see plex for 100 isk on singularity, what system should i go to?

At least 1 station per constellation should be seeded - but it might not be a high-sec station. Make sure to clear your market filters when you search the market.

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I hadn’t logged into the test server for a while so I double checked - it’s still there:

As mentioned by @Mkikaden_Tiragen there should be at least 1 seed system per constellation.

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I run Linux Mint on 8 Gb Ram with an external graphics card, and can just about squeeze 3 clients in at a pinch (90+% memory utilisation), as long as they’re all in the memory-saving graphics mode and I don’t have anything else running. Even so I eventually have to kill & restart them as the remaining memory gradually disappears with any active gaming. If I have that much trouble on Mint, I can’t see you running 3 clients on your W10, and I’d even have my doubts about 2 concurrent clients.

I ran Eve for a year with a Ryzen 5 2400G - main differences were I had 16Gb RAM and an SSD. It happily ran 3 clients with graphics settings at medium. Frame rates dropped if I had more than 1 ship undocked but Eve has a 1 second server tick so you’re not missing much! If you’ll be keeping the machine much longer, an additional 8Gb RAM is not expensive and should dramatically improve performance since there will be less swapping between memory and the drive.

I tried and i can run 2 clients with 60 fps each. I use windowed mode

Excellent - enjoy !

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