Eve Bots - are they a bad thing, is CCP complicit in their use?

And an after thought, the only real thing which will push CCP to do something on this is if the top 20 posts in general Discussions related to bots, nothing else

So if you feel strongly about this, then open your own I’ve spotted a bot thread or similar, and update others of a similar nature with your comments, bumping them back up there for all to see. fill the forum with bot threads and keep them at the top until CCP actually does something


This will achieve nothing but get them closed by moderation. Let’s keep it focused on the existing threads.

I’m not sure why CCP is quiet on this problem. They did in the past and I’m sure they still ban thousands of accounts regularly. Maybe we are looking here at the tip of the iceberg, and the problem in fact is so much bigger that the few hundred bots reported by players are not worth investigating. RMT does undermine CCPs revenue, so there is no reason to tolerate this.

There is only one futile approach to this. Make gameplay require an active human brain, though I’m impressed about the explorer bots … how do they manage to scan the sigs with the noisy interface we have …

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This is only correct when there aren’t enough seperate people (not characters) doing it. At some point it becomes counterproductive to censor public outrage.

Sticky-thread incoming?


Continuing the discussion from The silence is deafening:

I get that the CSM is meant as a link between the players and the devs… but limiting any meaningful discussion to a handful of people a couple of times a year seems a bit off. I don’t hold the CSM in such high regard that this placates me. Get the security team to write that blog post they promised, and don’t just tell us you care, show us that you are actively doing something about it.


I agree, since when has botting and dealing with it needed to be discussed with the CSM?

Someone cynical could almost be lead to think that the major alliances are about to be given a heads up via the CSM before a purge for some reason, normal players wouldn’t think that, obviously :confused:

They just say they will discuss it. Doesn’t mean anything will actually happen, it could just be, back to business as normal (*hides head in sand).

I can’t get it our of my head … the big nullsec alliances live from people’s taxes coming from bots (how much?), also something needs to pay all those fulltime job players in the leadership teams…no I don’t mean ISK.

For me the ultimate reason why you shouldn’t use bots is not on the economic part or Inflation (even tho it can be a problem that made people quit), but rather on the social impact it can have on each other considering the need of communication for gathering ressources can be eliminated with bots. The best example was described in the book Fondations of Isaac Asimov, where he described a planet where each individual completly stoped talking to each other because thay acheived complete autonomy in term of production and reproduction. If you reduce or eliminate the need of talking between people for ressource gathering because you use bots, you are affecting the game in a very negative way since communication and cooperation is the core of this game. I did a thread on Reddit explaining the good and bad side of botting in my point of view.

In short to make people dependant to each other is to force bounding together. Bounding together is why people are connecting back to the game. Not to acquire pixels but to interact with each other in an adventure. And I’m sure everybody know a sandbox can become boring very quickly when you are alone, but when you are in groups it extend by alot the gameplay time line.


I agree, it appears botting is good for CCP, because inflation drives up the price of plex, making it not only harder to plex with ISK, but makes the plex to ISK conversion more valuable for someone willing to buy it with real money.

Big Alliances win, because they are getting a massive amount of ISK sent their way in rent from the botters. Some of them may even dabble in RMT themselves. And the botters win, since they can sell the ISK for real money.

Don’t you see? It’s win-win for everyone! Well… everyone that really matters. /s


“Big Alliances win, because they are getting a massive amount of ISK sent their way in rent from the botters. Some of them may even dabble in RMT themselves. And the botters win, since they can sell the ISK for real money.”

big/Rental allainces don’t win , its completely binary. Its you can afford the rent of the system or you can’t . anything past the rental price doesn’t go to the big/rental alliance . Big corporations would be the only winner sine they get a % of the isk generated

If the botting corps were gone, who would take their place and pay rent?

regular corps that want to do those types of activities in rental space

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Amazing detective work here.


Thank You CCP_Falcon

I look forward to the results of said Summit concerning to the bots. When can we expect a concise answer from the discussion?

About that space trash. Can we have their stuff? :wink:

Then why aren’t they there in the first place? Since apparently after reading through things, many of these botting corps seem to have been somewhat of an open secret for years.

Now everybody be like


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This will likely explain why land lords do not care if renters are botting shitlords


There are renter corps throughout eve , in a number of different rental alliances. Are you asking why all the space hasn’t been sucked up by these people ? Cloak campers , burn out , constant pvp gangs , full scale invasion, better deals , change of scenery, loss of key members, logistics getting camped, bad land lords, land lords retaking their space for XXXXX., rental price hikes, bad i-hub upgrades and location,location,location. That’s just off the top of my head on why some of these places were unrented or the renters left.