EVE Capsule

App for monitoring Character information.

Now Alpha Release.

Funtion List

  • Contracts
  • Market
  • Skill Queue
  • Wellet and Transcation / Journal
  • Industry Jobs
  • Market DB
  • Character Data Export / Import Available
  • Widget for Character Info

Other funtions will be update.

If you want to enjoy Alpha.
Send ingame message and tell me your Google play e-mail.

Beta will be soon

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Beta Release!

App Funtions

  • Contracts
  • Incursion
  • Industry Jobs
  • Market Orders
  • Skill / Skill Queue
  • Market DataBase
  • Wallet Transaction / Journal / Accounting
  • Character Data Export / Import Available
  • Widget for Character Info

This app is Beta.This app may have errors. But if it does happen, I will try my best to fixed it.
When error occurs, you can help me by sending E-mail with description of the situation to fix it.
Support E-mail address is helpevecapsule@gmail.com

Google Play link is on down side.

Thank you and use this app a lot.


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Mining Ledger Updated

In version 0.1.14 Beta Mining Ledger is updated.
Now you can see the amount of ore you mined in a week.
Also, You can see Estimated Price.

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