Eve central daily dumps from market

this forum is reallly idiotical, my previous discussion was closed, so i need to open new one…

“…Eve central daily dumps from market…”


“… OH, I SEE!!! i need to scroll down several pages!! to CSV files…”

  • that files are not CSV… (…grammar nazi…)
  • there are no column headers…
  • what are they?

where to get info about that files?
are they “open orders”? or “completed orders”?

personally i am trying to find “completed orders”
(…like it was on EVE CENTRAL… how many times do i need to repeat that…_)

Is “idiotical” a word?



Bye! .

Closed, because no-one could be bothered to answer your question after your response. And you didn’t bump it. 3 months of no activity = locked post.

It’s hardly imposing on you to scroll down a long page.

They’re a gzipped file. And yes, they’re technically not a csv. They’re a tsv. Tab seperated.

These are all open orders. There’s no good way to get closed orders. If you want it, you need to do the work yourself.

order ID, typeid, start date, buy order, current quantity, max quantity, minimum quantity, price, location id,range, duration, region, order set id.

(order set is just an ID for each grab of the market. happens once every 30 minutes)

But as I said, I’d prefer you not to use them.

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What, and deny you a chance to comment expertly on the tool you wrote, Steve? Perish the thought!

To the people it applies to? Yes, it very much is. Not anyone else, though.

fuzzwork has orders only…
which means there are many lines like “I want to sell tritanium for 100500 isk per unit…”

my point EveCentral dumps were about “completed orders”.
somehow they had "Daily dumps"
and for now there is only
for type_id from 18 to 47377 …

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