Price history cover

Inside our corporation we have our main staging system in Pure Blind.
Also the biggest market in volumes inside our corporation within that system.:stew:

There are several trading stations including selling bulk quantities from other alliances inside Pure Blind region.
Since these data mixes with each other from the region the market data is a bit unreliable other than giving you just an indication what the total market activity is in the region, maybe useful for a middle guy to interpret this data.:pig_nose:

As a trader what I need is only the data from our main market citadel without mixing up with market data from stations I can’t access or nothing out of interest inside our own space and visa versa, 8 jumps away.:zzz:

Suggestion is to have an option or whatever could solve this to limit the market data to system or station so it wont get mixed up with unusefull data in this situation.:cloud_with_lightning:

The filter is for personal or Citadel Owner filter?

what do you mean? :speech_balloon:

If the filter is only for personal use, like the already exinting filters, or a filter the Owner of the Citadel can set to his Market Service.

ewww, i thought you knew the volume of what is your corp/ally sells on your homestation :roll_eyes:

Alright that’s enough :studio_microphone:

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Enough of what? You cant handle some questions and feedback? This is the second post you request to be close/locked. Dude, if you can not handle criticisms, dont post please.

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