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Thank You all. Of Course, there’s still some work to do. The only problem with the alarms is how to obtain data from game to clock or at least to smartphone, I mean live data. Maybe the speed status can change to red during down time? I’m also planing to allow users to customise the clock trough the app(brightness, colours etc.). I’m open to all suggestions. One more thing, the video do not show the clock exactly as it is in real, is nicer in real.

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Or maybe we should organise some tournament, who wins, will get the clock, or I can do some other trophy.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Nice! In addition to the hull warning tone, how about a Snooze button. Push snooze more then once, and next time you get the pod-ejected tone.

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this is AWESOME!!!

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Spiffy! Very cool, good job!

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I’m seriously thinking of synchronise the EVE clock with some data from the game. Is there some way of accessing variables from the game engine? Imagine app, which reads armor var from game engine and send it to the clock over wifi, the rest is easy, that could be perfect. But this is just my thoughts. By the way, thank You all for Your great comments.

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