Eve echoes, does anyone know which tablet is best?

Also no price yet on what plex will sell for?

Will there be multiple characters accounts?

Since we are starting fresh will skill injectors be immediately available, if so will this kill the fresh start incentive as players who can afford these will just PTW everyone else?

If EVE Echoes is anything like EVE, your best setup would be something like

Just ditch the bike.

As far as I’m aware you’ll be able to have 1 account per linkable-platform, Google Play, Facebook and so on…

So, i just bought a Samsung Tab A 10.1, but in the Google Play store, it says it is not supported.
Is there a list ANYWHERE on which tablets are compatible!!!??

I’m finding no info, yet the more I play on my mobile phone, the more I feel my eyes are straining as each day goes by.

Eve Echoes is officially on Discord, so you can hop on there, https://discord.gg/eveechoes

Ooh, excellent - thank you so much :slight_smile: :smiley:

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