EVE Ecosystem Stream 29 March Q&A

Have you considered doubling the material requirements for catalysts? If no, why?


Why should I bother with industry, when I can source battleships directly by LP? In particular the Sisters of Eve Nestor.

Question: With Mykoserocin becoming a vital part of the industry, will CCP introduce gas compression to make it easier to transport?


Are you sure you need to reduce the time for withdrawing ISK from ECC in case of robbery? :thinking:

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Q1 CCP are you trying to shift Foccuse of buying more plex to fund affordable ships?

Q2 The recent patches all seem to point to pay to win - what do your project the cost will go up for the average player of eve online to play the game, through micro payments?


Question 7: These changes add a significant number of hoops for industrialists to jump through. They need more materials from a greater number of sources, and need to invest as much as another 11.3 million SP into science-based skills, just to continue to do what they have already been doing. How does that make game-play as an industrialist more engaging and interesting, or is this adding more tedium the industrialist has to do, without adding any new gameplay the industrialist gets to do?


Have you considered any means to reward players who actively mine instead of AFK mining? If there was even a clickfest way to keep your mining capability significantly higher I am sure a lot less afk mining would take place. Not some measly 1 % to 5% boost. Gas mining is painfully slow if you want more of it can you make it faster to do?

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Why are you trying to force these upgrades on current ships, surely just adding new BPO’s for these enhanced T1 BS’s etc would give a choice to build them or not. Why not use the carrot method for a change rather than as always using the stick (Because pissing off your players is not a good business model) Yes I know it would be slower but if the ships have a higher profit margin then people will build them and player’s will buy them if the ships are better against Trig ships so you have the demand vs supply. That is a win win situation. The new BPO’s could just require a T1 BS as part of the build requirements ! Simple and keeps everyone happy !


Can you increase the time before expiration in a combat site until asteroids vanish?
It would be great to clean combat targets from a site and have time to warp out and return in a mining fit ship. When it all quickly goes poof after the first warp out it defeats the purpose of training multiple skills. Can asteroids in combat sites and missions please have a 10 to 15 minute lifespan after warp out so we can return to mine?

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Arrendis is right on target here CCP. Once again because you seem to think of industrialists as no more than a required evil, you further diminish our return on our time invested in gameplay, is it because it is not the gameplay style that is your preference for players? Why not actually find ways to make it more enjoyable instead of more tedious and costly in isk purchased skill books and weeks of training time?


Can high sec ship bumpers earn criminal status along with significant damage to their shields, armor, & hull? If ship bumpers became damaged and vulnerable to counterattack as criminals the balance could be restored to help industrialists continue mining and hauling.

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What is the Neurolink Booster Reservoir used for? If I am not mistaken, it isn’t in any of the other blueprints in the workbook. (Except in Table 1, row 92 and 93 where there is the following:
Miniature Electronics 20000
Meta-Operant Neurolink Booster 200
Genetic Safeguard Filter 200
Neurolink Booster Reservoir 10

was wondering about this as well. Will it also recieve the 2x buff. If not it will be an essentially worthless item.

How do you think the new player base will interact with those changes ? Industry is already complex as it is, if you increase complexity, I can see new players getting discouraged if they want to get into it.

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Maybe I am stupid or something but I fail to see what the idea is behind “dreate more robust and interesting manufacturing progression” is. Could you explain this more in depth, how you expect the progression will go for say a new player starting in industry something like 1st May?

Great changes… but Modules and Structures, WHEN?

Why make Faction/Navy Ships even more expensive?
What was your basis into increasing their prices even more and curbing diversity?


CCP - thanks for all the hard work. EVE is wonderful, and I appreciate your careful stewardship of it. You’ve hooked me for life.

This is one question, I promise:
Are these changes going to have an impact on BPOs that are currently being researched? Will active researching need to be paused? Is the blueprint going to change while it’s being researched without any intervention on the part of the player?


In Table 2, the trigger neurolink conduits are shown as reactions, but in table 3 they are shown as blueprints. I think Table 2 is incorrect.

Also, table 3 shows the istropic neofullerence reactions as gas-phase, but all other reactions using wormhole gas are hybrid reactions. I think these should be too.

  • You’ve historically mentioned wanting more levers for balancing purposes. Can you elaborate on your reasoning for using existing levers/materials to add to for example the capital building, as this would likely result in (negatively) impacting all areas that are tied to this lever, as opposed to using unique materials for each type which would give you independent levers to tweak, like you did with the introduction of triglavian materials?

  • The devblog mentions improving consistency and making industry easier to understand, yet from what we can see so far it seems these changes only add complexity without solving any of the underlying issues in industry like broken tax mechanics and the problematic situation with rigs? Will you be addressing these issues in the near future?
    Why did you choose to incorporate tech 3 reaction materials into what is classically seen as t1 ship classes? How does this reduce complexity and improve consistency?

  • Will you be taking the newly added requirements for stocking additional materials in order to build supplies for our fleets into consideration when thinking about changes/improvements for logistics? (Space trucking)
    Can we get bigger freighters? :slight_smile: