EVE Experince


I am a player in eve since 2011.

But i think the year 2017 and the first half of 2018 is really the worest experince
I have till now.

Not sure why but here the general issue i noticed:

The ratting give less Drop and less esclation and less spawn than before.
Exploration give lower benifits with huge diffrint.
Alot of Disconnect for me.
Mining Is poor and require alot of effort.

Note here that i am speaking about the general result in a year and half.

I lived in -1.0 system.
Moved to Low Sec.
Moved to porvi region.
now in High sec exploring and mining.

OFC i know the rich area is Null.

Exploring as example was giving around 500M in total before.
I can get only 50-80 Max when i was in provi.
High sec i checked around 30 systems till writing of this post and only got 12M of loot.

Measure that for ratting and Mining not to mention that the Disconnection that happen repeatdly.

Highsec has crappy rewards and a lot of competition. If you go non-combat exploration nullsec and especially Providence (all Sasha space) is a very good region. In a 4h run you should be able to make >100M/h doing just relic sites.

I don‘t remember a time exploration was more profitable, but I‘m only here for 5 years.

Disconnects suck. Had those regularly for about a year, but it stabilized a couple month ago, without me changing anything.

Lol and now the Abyss.
Not sure how new ppl will survive it with out alot of ISK.

When I had the regular disconnects, I focused on industry stuff (building things, not mining) and patch/market speculations, and made many times more ISK than in all time before with less effort. All with base in highsec.

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I still saying it is bad experince ever since i joined eve.

see this KM :

I am sure i am not doing it wrong.
Note that i am doing it in Tier one and some in tier two.

I would have to agree, I’ve been playing since 2003 stopped 2011 came back 2017 wish I didnt.

Mission rewards have not changes though ships, mods have increased -

Never had a Socket Closed till I returned and there getting worse. Chat still not working - CCP is this a CODE feature and I mean CODE Gankers so a miner cant see code enter system ? awesome if it was.

I do like the .5 moon mining I’ll give a thumbs up to that. BUT Anomalies every system has 1 - 10 Fighting Anomaly but try finding a Ore Anomaly.

You really need to fix the socket closing and chat window specially local

I would recommend fitting a Web instead of one of the two large cap batteries. If you aren’t capstable then anymore adjust the rigs and maybe a low slot. Depending on the type of filament and it’s effects you also might want do swap the After Burner for a MWD. This will be difficult to fit, but the time you spent in perfectioning your fitting pays back when you made it through the abyss.
My experience is that T1 filaments are doable with T2 fitted T1 cruisers. But to be fair, my character has also 60 million skillpints.

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The Abyss started to be stable for me right now.

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