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This is a small recompilation i made about eve ships technical information and technology from the books, the novel and other sources along with some calcs, i am not expert in physics but i like to make calcs on some things i thought i would be a nice idea to add it here, i have posted this information in reddit and in space battles and decided to post it here too:

Space feats and info.

Effects of a amarr Titan doomsday hitting a planet

A second on-site report from the Servant Sisters of EVE a few hours later includes a preliminary estimate of 88.7% extinction of surface life forms

Along with our preliminary estimate of life form extinction, we expect sea level to have risen, covering at least two thirds of the existing landmass, the remaining surface being largely scorched.

Calcs on reschard V incident

Now the reschard V incident is one hard to calc we could just use the statement of the poles being melted and asume that reschard V poles have the same ammount of water than earth ones and made a calc from that, but the number would be too big araund 2 petatons are needed to melt the entire polar icecap and that would be more tan enough energy to clean the entire planet of life,which wasnt the case another problem is that there is not alot of info abaut it luckily i found an old picture of the planet the day it was bombed, and i guess that some calcs can be made using some data of the planet, the firestorm consuming the planet and the radius of it.

( im not that good with calcs so i could be wrong this thread is closed but if you are Reading it and you found something wrong in the calcs feel freee to PM me or something i would appreciatte it ).

Reschard V radius = 37000 KM

Reschard V circunference = 2PI x R

Reschard V circunference = 232477. 8 KM or 232477856 meters

Now we can see a massive firestorm on the planet and alot of smaller ones and there is one almost at the south pole of the planet so it could be say that at least that half of the Surface recived enough energy to cause fires. Now i dont know how much energy is required to cause a fire so im going to use the affirmation of nukemap where es mentioned that 35 calories / cm2 are enough to set dry Wood on fire, So we have the following

Energy required to set dry Wood on fire = 35 calc/ cm 2

35 calc / cm2 = 1464400 joule / m 2

R = 232477856 meters m/ 2

R = 116238928 Meters

Now if im not wrong inverse square formula would go like this

Energy/ 4PIR*2 = 1464400 joule / m2

Energy / 4PI 116238928*2 = 1464400

Energy = 16979037e17 x 1464400

Energy = 2.4864102e23 or 59.4 Teratons

So the amarr DD device should have a yield of at least 59.4 teratons and its heavily implied that titans are capable of tanking DD devices, the number is probably far higher since a third of the surface was set ablaze and the poles were melted.

Amarr titan confirmed as the cause of the lifewiping incident in reschard V

In related news, investigators from Mordu’s Legion and CONCORD have confirmed that the disaster was not of natural origin. Releasing small sections of the compiled data to the public, the investigation team announced that scans of the system shortly before the event occurred indicated the presence of an Avatar-class vessel; an Amarr Empire designed Titan, in low orbit over the planet. This was further confirmed by scans conducted in the days after the event, which detected an energy signature on and around the planet consistent with the doomsday device known as ‘Judgement’. According to experts this weapon, normally used to annihilate entire fleets, is quite capable of causing the level of destruction seen across the entire planet of Reschard V.

Titan Doomsday weapons capable of deal great damage to the biosphere of a planet just by being online

the doomsday device had been taken offline several minutes before, preventing it from firing but also preventing it from entering an active cooldown phase.

According to the Caldari Navy, “These acts prevented an extinction-level event from occurring on Caldari Prime. Millions of lives were saved in the short term and billions more were spared from the aftereffects of radioactive fallout and other health complications from debris.”

Orbital bombardment by an amarr fleet creates a 100 miles canyon and effects of amarr orbital bombardment on a planet surface.

An Amarr orbital bombardment fleet gored this hundred mile canyon in the face of Starkman Prime’s largest continent with their ravening tachyon siege lasers.

Here the effects on Starkman Prime’s which used to be a temperate earth like planet full of jungles and with oceans. Notice the orbital bombardment was made 400 years ago with tachylon beams the ones used on battleships,not capital ships were involved.

Listed as a barren planet, the heat is all that remains of this once tropical world. Now it is a rocky landscape devoid of the moisture which once provided much of the former lushness of this world. The only rivers that still flow over the planet are of magma. In places where new disturbances have disrupted the tectonic plates they are hot and quickly moving, while in others they have cooled and hardened mid-flow. Geysers and vents open on the surface in seemingly random intervals. Steam, sulphur, and other gases spew from these into the already poisoned air, only to return as acidic rain. Massive dust storms and hurricanes rage every dawn and dusk due to the planet’s weakened ability to regulate heat. All this, combined with the continual earthquakes caused by the still unstable tectonic plates make Arzad II an unlikely place to ever hold life again. Which is exactly why Ardishapur scouts were astonished to discover a small population living here a few decades ago.

Here arzad II ( Starkman Prime’s) after the bombardment.

Notice this used to be an earthlike planet with oceans jungles and continents.

Calc on arzad II bombardment and how much it would take with in game values of activation energy.

This part is just to show how pointless it would be to use in game values to calc eve weapons yields. We know the radius of arzad II which is 2220 km we know that the planet used to posses an ocean continents and a breathable atmosphere and that arzad was bombed by an impreial bombarment fleet to the point of becoming a inhabitable, . This happened in an unknown amount of time but we know that the bombardment was started and finalized in the year 22497 So as a low end the bombardment took a year it probably took a smaller amount of time considering how in the short stories is more or less implied that it was under the spawn of days .

Lets say that as a low end that just 10% of Arzads Surface was covered in water and that the small oceans on arzad had a profundity of 3.6 km (similar to average earth oceans profundity ) and that it took exaclty one year of nonstop fire to boil the oceans of arzad and they didint focused on the population centers or anything like that. And for numbers lets say that the amarr were so mad that they decided to use their biggest fleet shown which is the fleet of the throne worlds which has around 4000 ships and lets say all of them were armaggedon battleships fitted with tachyon beam lasers since its mentioned that those were the weapon of choice for the bombardment .

Arzad radius = 2220km or 2220000 Meters

Profundity of the seas = 3.6 km

number of ships 4000

number of turrets on each ship = 5

Rate of fire 1 shot every 13 seconds

ammount of time = 365 days

First lets calc the Surface of arzad II then we multiply it 3.6 times and then we divide it betwhen 10 since we are assuming that only 10% of the Surface is covered in wáter ( which is a low end since i guess that a planet should be covered in more than the 10% of its Surface to have oceans and more importantly continents )

Surface of Arzad II = 4PI x 2220* 2

Volume of wáter on arzad prime = 4PI x 2220*2 x 3.6 x 0.10

volumen = 22295556 km3 of wáter

now lets convert them to cm3 just to make the calcs easier for me

volumen = 22295556 km3 x 1e15cm3/ 1km3

volumen = 2.229e22 cm3 of wáter
We know that the amount of energy required to vaporize 1cm3 of water which is 2300 joules so we can multiply the volume and the amount of energy to vaporize the oceans

So the amount of energy required is 5.1267e 25 J now we divide this between the amount of ships, the number of turrets and the amount of seconds in one year

energy output of fleet 5.1267e25j / 31536000 seconds

Energy output of the fleet = 1.6256659e18 joules / second

Now we divide it between the number of ships and turrets and multiply it by the rate of fire and we could get an estimate on the yield.

Low end yield = (1.6256659e18/4000 x 5) x 13

Low end yield = (1.6256659e18 / 20000) x 13

Low end yield per second = (1.6256659e18 / 20000) = 19.4 kilotons / sec for each turret

Low end yield = 1.0566828e+15j or 252 kilotons

Now if we used ingame units with the sam values we would get a lot smaller number

Activation energy for each tahyon = 76 GJ

Rate of rie 1 shot every 13 seconds

number of ships 4000

number of turrets = 5

ammount of seconds = 31536000 secs

basically you get an energy output of 3.6872862e+21 joules / year and the amount of energy required to boil away the oceans of a more or less arid arzad II is 5.1267e25j So with ingame values it would take 13,903 years of continuous fire to vaporize the seas of an arzad II with 10% water on its Surface.

Assuming that no energy is absorbed by the air or something like that.

Another case of amarr orbital bombardment on the planet eanna.

casualties report.

There was a pause. “At last pass, sixty-three million dead, mostly from orbital bombardment directed at population centers. One million or so killed during the surface landings; another million in subsequent ground combat. At least two million were taken as slaves, but we won’t know exact numbers for some time.”

A brief description of the first volley hitting eanna

the initial volleys neutralized sixty-eight separate defense batteries while removing a mere ninety-eight thousand Minmatar from the viable worker stock. Praise unto God."

  • Intercepted Amarr Navy transmission during orbital bombardment of “Eanna”, Planet VI, The Hror System

brief description of the planet after the bombardment.

As seen from the vantage of ships patrolling high above, the swirling cirrus clouds of the planet Eanna still bore long, dark streaks that spanned the width of continents. Speak to me, God. The screen cycled through different views provided by Imperial warships surrounding the former Minmatar world. Approximately twenty-four hours had passed since the last guns stopped, but uncontrollable firestorms still raged all over the planet. The occasional break in the clouds revealed green landmasses pockmarked with wide swaths of blackened scars.

Amarr weapons hitting asteroids

The officer directed the men and women below him as the enormous tachyon cannons mounted on the Impervious began tracking slowly in the same direction. “Tracking, my lord!” COPYRIGHT © CCP 2006 54 “Fire!” ~ The terrified pilot of Omicron-One watched as seven bright red beams lanced across the space directly in front of the lead Wraith. Five of them struck an asteroid the size of a cruiser and broke it into three main chunks plus a hail of smaller debris. The Rifter rolled and dived, just barely avoiding a collision with the two largest fragments as they careened past the canopy. Then a brilliant flash illuminated the asteroids in front of her as the same fragments slammed into Omicron-Two, destroying the frigate instantly

This one is hard to quantify because new eden asteroids are made from different materials than our asteroids but still it worth the mention. eve cruisers are usually 250-400 long.

Using water and nickel iron as asteroids and calcing the cratering energy ( energy required to create a crater whose deep is equal to the radius of the asteroid and therefore fragment it ) you can get as low as 377 tons of tnt and as high as 320 kilotons of TNT.

Railgun shells moving so fast that they transform into trails of plasma

The ground beneath Henette’s feet trembled, the trio of turrets belching thorium slugs from each of their barrels in quick succession. The speed of their release created a thick white contrail of plasma that pierced the clouds, pushing them aside to reveal the carnage in orbit above. Even from three hundred kilometers away they could see the impact

Gallente diamond bunker inmune to nuclear weapons.

  • you can shoot a shell from a thousand-millimeter kinetic accelerator from orbit onto the Boulevard and not achieve a breach through the individual blocks. And even when the diamond shield does break, then you have to go through the layered carbonate-nanofiber armor, and you still have chunks of diamond to get through, which makes any shot bounce and lose force. Nuclear weapons’ll do nothing to the topshield - it’s already been heated and compressed, after all - and it’s heavily faceted in layers so shooting it with lasers from orbit is totally pointless. Never mind the heatsinks, in any case - they bleed off excess heat into the surrounding earth, so you’d have to direct enough firepower onto the Boulevard to turn half the district into molten slag to get through. Only direct-contact antimatter bombs could do the job, and even then it’d need enough antimatter blasts to end up destroying most of the Caille city district in the process. Essentially, you can’t get to the bunkers without laying waste to the entire city, and generally invaders who want territory want to try and keep urban centers as intact as possible.

So 1000mm railgun shots could be capalbe of dealing with the diamong shield after few shots.

Calc for nova light missiles

First we have the dimensions for the missile Diameter: 0.2393m Length: 4.0496m

using the form of a cylinder we can calc the volume we get 0.1821 m3 a bit more than a AGM - 65 maverick

Lithium Deuteride has a density of 820 kg/m3. Working from the above volume, this suggests we will have 149.32 kilograms of warhead fuel but its unlikely that 100% of the mass of the missile is going to be nuclear fuel there are other stuff like electronic and rocket fuel so lets assume that like RL missiles the warhead occupes just 10% of the total volume that would give us 14.9 kgs to work with . Lithium Deuteride has a molar mass of 8.95 grams/mol, giving us 1668,4 moles of fuel to react. Each mole contains 6.02x1023 molecules to fuse, so altogether we have 1.0x1027molecules to react.

According to this site, each lithium atom converted is going to yield around 20 MeV of energy; working from our above number of molecules above, this gives us 2.0x1028 MeV which is something like 3.2043546e+15 J or 765 Kilotons. Now lets say that just 25 % of the fuel reacts that would means that the missile have a yield of 191 kilotons, Also usually just a small percentage of the energy is focused on the target at least on space nuclear weapons like 10 % so assuming that we get 19.1 kilotons , now keep in mind that frigates can tank dozens of those, and bships, bcruisers and cap ships are night immune to those. and the fact that this is a low end number using RL numbers on technology of the 23th millenium.

From another EVE player.

Ship astrometic sensors can calc the orbit and posicions of planets on an unknown solar system in secs

The capsuleer’s mind worked with the ship’s astrometric and navigational processors, performing calculations on the locations of celestial bodies in the system, their orbital paths, speeds, and orientation relative to each other and the star to which they were all bound to . . . by gravity.

The strike saturated the area with a dust cloud that was still expanding. Scratchy infrared video showed that the northwest hangar was leveled, and a half-kilometer-long ditch about sixty meters wide had been carved into the steppes north of the colony. The thermal effect of the blast alone was lethal to within a kilometer of the beam’s path, but the overpressure wave would extend slightly farther. No one had any idea where Mack was standing when the strike came down, let alone if he had been under shelter when it did.

According to nuke map you would need a 13kt blast to cause an overpressure wave of 20 psi enough to kill everyone on a 500 m radius and 100 kt to kill everyone on a 1km radius 13kt are equivalent 54392 Gj worth of energy almost 100 % of the capacitor energy ( something that doesnt make sense since the dread still had its shields and propulsion systems on and there was no mentions of a huuge energy consumption or anything like that, add to that the fact that the bombardment was made just to kill the hangar without destroying anything else so the amarr were using kid gloves while doing the bombardment) while 100 kt are equivalent to 418400 GJ if we use ingame numbers something that dissproves the sub kt firepower on eve ships.


Then we began accelerating, faster and faster toward an area near the galactic center and into a starfield. I saw a perimeter forming; a dark sphere emerged where there should have been more points of light. A brilliant line opened about its circumference as we accelerated closer, and it kept growing larger and larger to where my eyes could resolve the details on an impossibly colossal structure. This line was an opening large enough for an entire planet to fit through. As we passed, I realized this civilization had built an empire that enveloped an entire star, harnessing all its energy.

– Templar One, Chapter 24


Same calc did on frigates but based on the dimensions of citadel torpedoes and extrapolated to lasers for the sake of the thread.

Missile warhead radius = 4.5 meters

Lenght= 34.6 meters

Volume = 733 cubic meters

Density of lthium deuteride = 798 kg

Mass = 584934 kg lets say that just 25% of the mass reacts ( similar to RL missiles )

Mass = 146233.5 kg

Number of moles = 16430730 moles

Number of atoms = number of moles x Avogadro number

Number of atoms = 9.8912997e+30 atoms

Each pair fusing releases up to 17.5 MeV worth of energy

So energy = (9.8912997e+30 / 2) x 17.5

Energy = 8.6548872e+31 MeV

Converte to J we get the following

1.3866664e+19J or 3.3 GT since capital lasers have similar damage outputs it could be argued they have similar yield.

Now if you use the yield to weight ratio of the R-36 you get a yield of 1.29 GT.


The most simple philosophy its that of ninmatar turret design where the payload its often in the form of a solid metallic projectile, which is in some instances capped with a thermonuclear warhead


31 tons is extremely low and probably wrong , who made the image scale the mass of the projectile linearly when the increase of volume and therefore mass should be cubic i made a calc on the possible mass of the projectile:

doing some scalling the pillar shaped part of the 3500 mm projectile is 9.26 meters tall and the cone shaped part is 6.74 meters tall now we can calc the total volume of the projectile.

Volume of the cone shaped part = 21.6 cubic meters

Volume of the pillar shaped part = 89.09 cubic meters

Total volume = 110.6 cubic meters

Now if we use a depleted uranium projectile we can get an estimate of the kinetic energy carried by the projectile ( DU ammunitions are a thing in game).

Depleted uranium density = 19100 kg/m3

19100 x 110.6 = 2114210kg or 2112 tons

Speed = ?

Projectiles are considered instant hitting weapons in game and in the cinnematics we see projectiles hitting enemy ships instantly and being faster than missiles which can reach speeds of 7km/sec so i sued 250km/sec

Speed 250 km /s

KE=6.6069073e+16 J or 15.7 megatons

Estimates are based on in game engagement that can happen over ranges of 250 km and hit enemy ships instantly.

Amarr ship commander talking about half km deep crater.

Captain.” The ship’s gunnery sergeant spoke loud and clear to be heard above the commotion on the command deck. “An escape pod has been launched. Sensors confirm the fugitive is aboard.” “Lock target and fire.” Leaning forward in his chair, the captain rubbed his neck as he waited for an update.

“Negative, sir. Time to lock is thirty-five seconds and the pod will hit the ground in about twenty—”

“Then calculate its trajectory and charge up the main battery,” the captain growled. “ The moment it hits the ground, I want you to dig him a grave half a kilometer deep. ” The rest of the crew of the command deck exchanged nervous glances at their commanding officer’s brief slip of composure.

Capsuleer ship mind interface

But how can a single man control a whole ship?" Ouriye pressed.

“Thank you, captain, I was coming to that. As I said, the captain acts as the central unit in a highly advanced computer. This role allows him to access and evaluate data at extreme pace. He can easily handle the jobs it takes 5 or 10 people to do normally. It also makes him a better commander, he has better understanding and awareness of his environment and he’s not boggled down by tedious crew management issues and frequent communication breakdowns are now history.” Anu finished, looking over the faces of the thoughtful Caldari

. Stories are told of pod pilot heroes flying on the side of the Caldari during the twilight years of the , executing maneuvers unthinkable to those encumbered with a full crew complement and the bothersome necessity of using vocal commands and hand-eye coordination to steer their vessels



It took 10 minutes of concentrated fire from 21 dreadnoughts to down the shields from 21 % to 0 % depending on which firepower figures you use you can get different degrees of durability.

even using low end gigajoule calcs you get 1,509,885 GJs or 1.5 PJs thats 360 kilotons or times five 1.8 megatons worth of energy.

Fleet numbers during the empyrean age with quotes

These numbers come from the empyrean age book, its worth mentioning that the events of this book happened 10 years ago so they are kind of outdated by other numbers i will post too, still they are good for context

‘Two Leviathan-class titans, at least one of which is in orbit over Caldari Prime; about five thousand starships of various classes; more than one hundred thousand dropships and gunships; and we estimate about 1100 divisions, or more than twenty million troops, on the surface—’ ‘Twenty million ?’

The caldari navy had 5,000 ships and 2 titans by the time of the empyrean age.

But that’s complete insanity!’ he shouted, slamming his hand down on the table. ‘Does Heth have any idea what he’s up against? We out-man and out-gun him by at least four to one! Wasn’t running them out of Luminaire humiliating enough? Or do we have to rout them again to prove our poin

The caldari were outnumbered by the gallente 4 to 1 that means 20,000 ships and an unknown amount of titans

G RAND A DMIRAL S UNDARA was already charging at full speed when they arrived. A thousand Minmatar ships, led by their cursed Ragnorak flagship, warped into the space above Mekhios, not fifty kilometers from the hulls of the Righteous.

The Elder Fleet was a combined Minmatar-Thukker invasion force that assaulted the Amarr and Ammatar systems in YC110. The fleet was composed of at least three sub-fleets; each fleet included a Ragnarok-class titan, several smaller capital ships, and numerous sub-capital wings.

The fleet was constructed in secrecy under the direction of the Minmatar Elders and the Thukker Tribe in the Great Wildlands, using aide money siphoned from public works projects. The fleet was decimated by Jamyl sarym in the Battle of Mekhios and the Elders’ subsequent retreat.

The ninmatar had 3,000 ships on the elder fleet with 1,000 of them destroyed during the battle of mekhios

assuming they had as much ships as the caldari ( which are usually considered the smallest navy and empire) you get 7,000 ships

The Amarr Navy operates under the simple doctrine of applying overwhelming force to any given situation. The Amarr Navy has almost twice as many ships as the next two empire navies put together, though the quality of some of the amarr ships are questionable as many of them have not been refitted for decades and are almost obsolete

The amarr outnumber 2 to 1 the other two largest navies.

Using that you get

Caldari 5,000 / 5,500

Ninmatar 7,000

Gallente 20,000 / 22,000

Amarr 54,000 to 58,000

in total 86,000 to 92,500

thats 10 years ago since the caldari back then only had 2 titans and now they should be at least comparable to the amarr who apparently have thousands of them and the gallenteans who apparently have several wings of titans.

with heavy fighting reported across several of them. This mobilization prompted all other empires to put their own navies on high alert, with the Gallente Federation readying its Titan wings and preparing to retaliate against any attempted border crossings

Well we know that the honor guard is only a flight of ships not a squadron or a wing

Fly to Amarr, and head on over to take a look at the honour guard there.

Now consider that’s a single FLIGHT of ships. Not a squadron, or a wing. Just a single flight. That gives a slight sense of scale.

The text above was said by CCP falcon.

So a single flight has 12 titans using the aerial force clasifications a squadron is usually made of 3 to 4 flights and a wing is usually made of 3 squadrons

That means that a wing will probably have 9 / 12 flights of ships or in this case we are speaking of 104 - 108 titans for a single wing and the gallenteans have several which shows their military growth.

Also a single flight of amarr ships have over 432 smaller ships 12 dreadnoughts and 6 force auxiliaries.

Of course the actual numbers are probably far higher , according to the frigates of EVE, the caldari alone have 250,000 Bantam frigates, there are millions of punisher frigates in the new eden cluster, the amarr have 66 squadrons ( that means 198 - 264 flights so hundreds of thousands of ships).

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