Scientific data gathering

Well, the title say it all, or pretty much all…
but ok, a bit more context.

I’m working with eve university on creating an event about gathering data on gravitational stuff.

The goal is first and foremost to propose RP content to rookies, but, that said, I would like to know if there is a way to get scientific data that we CAN (ic-ly) gather but can’t, because of game mechanics.

So, yea…

How can one gather data without making things up ?
you know…
having a set of data we can refer to allow counter arguments and different interpretations.

don’t know if this is clear enough ^^"
probably note
but hey vOv

any idea/suggestions/Recommandation ?

Umbre fallenstars

PS: have a nice day :3 and thanks all of you for the stories you create <3

You can fly out to Jove Observatories and entosis link them. They give you some kind of lore, I have heard.

I think it might be interesting to observe the alignment time and warp acceleration/deceleration math in action. You won’t discover the Higgs Boson doing this, but it might be fun to see the math in action. Or even just the bumping mechanics, to see how velocity and mass interact in the collision equation.

There are also wormhole decay mechanics that could be interesting to plot out with actual time and mass data. Or, if you had enough people, you might try to decipher the anomaly respawn behavior - as in, do these things always respawn in the same region?

I guess I would question, of the actions that can be taken in space, how many could be said to have some connection to gravitation? Warp/jump drives, scan resolution, laser collimation/coherence, etc.? If you set up some plausible cases, then “gamifying” those activities shouldn’t be too much of a stretch, I think. Test cases the activities in the different liminal star-type systems (blue/yellow), do same activities in non-liminal systems for your control group. Get some RP-lite from the escort squad looking to defend the scientists during the studies.

Just a thought.

Observe things that can be observed. Eg suns have a lot of surface activity. Count numbers of things (like signatures / wormhole sigs in a system, numbers of trig forces). Observe gate traffic. Have people take screenshots on particular things.

yup, gleaned information, it’s also because of it that I fly my “sciences vessels” with pretty much every scanners I can have (relic, data, salvager, entosis, ship scanner, survey scanner, cargo scanner, etc)

I’ve already pretty much done that ^^

also pretty much done in the past, counting signatures is what we are currently working on with eve-uni. I would have contacted eve scout, but IRL is preventing me to play this weekend (thanks murphy).


Also done that and the problem I have is the scale of measurement, as players we don’t have access to tools precise enough ^^"

and for what could be measured, well, same, I already did it ^^

for the RP activity, I didn’t thought of escorts missions. thanks for the idea :slight_smile:


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