Eve Finance - A financial tool for capsuleers!

Introducing a new tool to the ecosystem, EVE finance!
EVE finance allows you to keep track of your income, trading, production and more.

Edit 06/11/2021 - Version Beta.9 released**

  • Allow editing of planned market stocks in various systems directly from the table
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from adding a market stock item in certain situations

Edit 10/10/2021 - Version Beta.6 released**

Updated trade screen - Replaces the old sales screen.

  • See your profit margins on items you trade
  • See your gross profit
  • Quickly see what items you can stop trading
    (screenshot in comments below)

Edit 1: 08/08/2021

  • Trial licenses are now free, and include a single character and a corporation.

Key features:

  • Detailed financial reports
  • Set expected stocks to be sold per system - no more checking if your orders are complete or not - also lists your available items in your stock, to let you know if you need to produce/acquire more.
  • Link multiple characters, and your corporation to get all your information in one place
  • 5 days free license
  • Manage production plans and needed resources for multiple items without excel or other tools.

Use Cases

  • Market: Set a target to always have 5 Hammerhead II for sale Luminaire , quickly see all systems where you’re out of stock.
  • Industry: Set a target to produce 1000 hammerhead II, get detailed information of what items you’re missing for production, no need to check with other offline tools.
  • Sales: See your top item sales over the last months
  • ISK Flow: See exactly how ISK positive you are, across all categories
  • Trading Balance - Net Purchases - Net Sales - are you sure you’re making ISK?
  • Free trial, License can be purchased with ISK.

A couple of screenshots:
Cash flow screen



The service is currently in open Beta and feedback is more than welcomed.
Fly safe o/

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Prices range from 100M to 1.5B ISK per month

Google spreadsheet is free

for my 100m to 1.5b a month, what does this tell me that jeveassets doesnt?


So it’s a new tool that will have some starting teething issues, as they do, and you expect people to pay for this right away?

Apart from that you can’t even manage to post this in the right section, that or you did it on purpose and I’m not sure which version is worse.

Moved to the appropriate section.

Fly safe o7

ISD Bahamut

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So is LibreOffice Calc an it does not cost your soul.
Well made tools are a thing of beauty and need a mechanism with wish to show appreciation.


Thanks, it was an honest mistake! I wasn’t sure what’s the best place.

@Giddy_McFee Feel free to use the free trial period, if it’s indeed not useful, I’d love to hear feedback!
I’ve created this tool for myself, and figured it might be useful for others as well.

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Apologies for the wrong post, I’m not much of a forum visitor, it was done without harmful intention.

I’d love to hear feedback after a trial period, I believe in the value this product gives, and I urge you to take a shot :slight_smile: - Open to hear your thoughts!

It’s all about Office 365. That sweet Excel goodness.

One of the barriers you’re going to run into is that a lot of people won’t be happy logging in and handing over info before they see what they’re really going to get, so a demo mode or better documentation could be a good idea.

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So, other people have brought up some good points, but I didn’t want you to get discouraged. So, I hope you can fix some of the criticisms and make a few iskies from your efforts.

And if you find you can’t sell it, give it away and ask for donations. Can’t tell you that you’ll make a lot, but a percentage of users will kick some isk your way.
No P2W

I acknowledge Excel’s superiority - through gritted teeth.

Thanks for your kind words!

I’m not discouraged at all.
It’s very rare that a new product hits all the right notes and gets instant adoption.
it’s amazing when it happens, but it’s far from the norm.

I’m already thinking of some improvements, mostly in three areas:

  1. A free (for life) tier,
  2. Some form of premium system.
  3. Better documentation, if possible a demo mode would be amazing.

In any case I’m grateful for the opportunity to give back to the community, I’ve learned software development through EVE Online many years ago, seems only fitting to use that skill back.


Spod’ … is that you?

I’m afraid not, who’s Spod’ though? he sounds awesome.

That’d be me.
Neat app, what’s it written in? Any chance of open or self-hosted?

It’s written in node/typescript, with mongo for persistence.
I’ve been thinking a while now about making it open source, I’m still thinking though.

Self hosting shouldn’t be a problem once I’m open to open-sourcing it, writing an integration guide should be simple (I’ll just probably need to containerize it)

In that case I’d really really appreciate open source as, minus mongo, that’s my preferred setup. Anything I can find to learn from to accelerate development of my own doodads is much appreciated.

Hmm i will try it out. Can it handel 15,000 corporation orders i have and a few thousand transactions per day?

That shouldn’t be a problem at all.
I’ll be happy to be in touch to hear feedback from someone with your trading experience.

I added my corporation not sure what should happen now I dont see any change or anything on it about anything does it take some time to gather all the info?