EVE: Full Thrust (wargame adaptation)

(S'Jaak Khara'Peth) #1

I’ve begun to think about an adaptation of this science fiction strategy war game created by the Jon Tuffley in 1991 (First Edition).

There are many adaptations of Full Thrust - Star Wars, Star Trek, some of the non-house fleets etc.
I even saw the “Homeworld” adaptation (although it was largely unfinished).

Anyway - many pilots know that people are printing the Internet Spaceships for their own use (or risk ban and legal complications from CCP otherwise :wink: ) so my idea is simple - what You (yes, you) would say to create an EVE adaptation for the Full Thrust (or if you insist, to other well known and such easy to modification game systems)? :smiley:

(Sethyrh Nakrar) #2

It would be interesting. If you can get miniatures for it.
I never played Full Thrust, but I wonder…some competent company could pick up the licence and create a game like that.
Also, there ist Firestorm Armada, wich resembles EVE a little, depending on shiproles and classes.