EVE G-O-A-T-S - UK/EU PvP - Recruiting New & Old players

We saved Pam’s afterlife. We could save yours too!

Still looking for pilots unafraid of painting the killboard red

Casual pvp and indy in high sec and low. Returning players welcome!

Looking for more pilots still, welcoming group who can help get you up to speed in no time. Fun roams all over K space and through WH’s. Any experience is welcome but not required.

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Still looking for more good pilots to join the herd!

As a Goat I have heaps of fun. These guys are the real deal. Great Community! Best expirience so far for me in EvE Online!

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still looking for more good pilots


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Daily bump ahoy


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we have an active community
and love drunken roams!
We act with impunity
and write short poems

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bump - still recruiting

looking for people looking for pew pew

come be the GOAT

still recruiting


Come shoot things


Fly with us

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