EVE game traffic SSL?

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone knows if EVE game traffic is secured via SSL?

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Bump, still no reply. I put in a ticket as well, and no response to that either.

The short answer: It’s encrypted.

The long answer: SSL is an outdated and insecure framework. So unless they’re completely incompetent, which I very highly doubt, they won’t use SSL for anything at all.

You don’t seriously expect any company will share what security method(s) they use.
irl opsec

Security by obscurity usually isn’t.

It is bring used on this website right now. You might have heard that SSLv3 is insecure and people should move up to TLS 1.2. That is true, but TLS and SSL are the same thing. After SSL 3 the protocol was rebranded TLS for some reason, but most people still refer to it as SSL.

Also it is a protocol not a framework.

But that doesn’t mean that CCP should answer this. This request seem as dodgy as hell to me. I can’t think of any legit reason anyone would need to know this, save paranoia.

The reason behind it is that I play at work occasionally. I’d like to know that my traffic is encrypted end to end.

Dodgy. Reading the forums is the extent of my slacking off.

Encryption will not help you. IT admins can see where network traffic is coming from and going to. If someone sees network data going from your computer to eveonline.com your busted.

Although the fact that you can play at all suggests that your workplace has lax security policy.

Still I would stop, if I where you.

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