Https:// is secure again!



Edit: Oh, right, I should probably mention it here.

@Haulie_Berry discovered that the background image …
… which you might or might not be seeing … (it’s just black for me)
… is behind a HTTP address, preventing the site from being declared as secure.

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You consent to PvP when you log in.


Curse you and your amazing one-liners!


for some reason your machine does not trust the Root Certificate authority that issued ccp’s ssl certificate.

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So I’m the only one?


Well maybe you shouldn’t trust them either. :blush:

Not entirely, my machine trusts the SSL cert
but parts of it are loaded via unsecured connection

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My browser says that parts of the page are not secure (such as images).


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That’s all I’m getting in Edge.


I don’t recall this site not being fully keylocked.

Looks like the halloween banner, at least, is a straight HTTP request to the CDN, which I think would do that.

I see no halloween banner here?
Actually … just noticed my background being black.

Huh… it loads for me in Firefox, but not in Chrome.

FF dev console squawks about the request, as well, and some test cookies (although that JUST happened)

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Ah …

My devtools show it’s getting that message about the halloween pic as well …
… and tons of red lines about scripts violating Content Security Policy directives.

Maybe the ad-blocker? Idk.

Thanks for your help!

Sadly I can’t give you any Likes,
because apparently I’ve exhausted my supply … yet again.

Ah, no … you got my last-ish Like.

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I don’t trust anyone. Not even my alts

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Fixed, sorry about this.


Finally I see the background too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hm … I don’t have permission to delete my topic.

… fine, I guess?

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