EVE Help Center tied to my old steam account. How can I remove that so I can use a proper log in, not my stupid steam account?

So I am trying to log into the help center and it wants me to link it to an account already authorized on the help center. I get the email saying the user name is steam::XXXXXXXXX. When I go to log in using that ID I keep getting an error saying there is no account. So how do I remove that link? Is there a way to get a fresh authorization to the help center? I regret ever trying to play eve through steam.

TL;DR: Steam sucks, CCP you make accessing the help center unnecessarily complicated and I want to remove my steam account from the help center authorization, how do I do that?

You file a support ticket, then we fix it for you. You can file a support ticket by sending an email to support@eveonline.com.

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