EVE Launcher Unable To Add Account

Hi all!

I tried to add an alt yesterday to my launcher and it worked just fine, though when I logged out for the night and revisited the game today, my alt’s account was gone and readding it does nothing at all, just brings back up the login info over and over again.

What do I do? Reinstalling and clearing cache does nothing.

Hi there,

Try deleting cookies.

  • Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard while pressing R (this will open a run window).
  • Copy and paste the following line into the run window: %LOCALAPPDATA%\CCP\EVE\
  • You should see a few folders there. One should be named QtWebEngine
  • Open that folder. Then open Default.
  • Delete the two of the files in there. Cookies and Cookies-journal.

Try to clear %LOCALAPPDATA%\TEMP\ folder

Thank you very much

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