Launcher Max Accounts?

Is there a max number of accounts I can add to the launcher? Can’t add anymore. It will let me log in account, add code and press enter. Then I keep having an empty screen (so not even the other accounts visible). If I restart or when I go settings and back, I see all accounts again, but not the one I was trying to add. The account itself is ok, because I can log on to the forums with it.

How many accounts do you have added (I only have 25)?

I guess in theory though if it does have a max, you should be able to install the launcher in a different location and start adding more to the second launcher.

Every time you add an account the string in the cookie gets longer. At some point the string will be to long to add more. The workaround is to delete the cookie and then continue to add more accounts.

  • Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard while pressing R (this will open a run window).
  • Copy and paste the following line into the run window: %LOCALAPPDATA%\CCP\EVE\
  • You should see a few folders there. One should be named QtWebEngine
  • Open that folder. Then open Default.
  • Delete the two of the files in there. Cookies and Cookies-journal.

After that you should be able to add more accounts.

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Ok, I made a backup just in case I needed to rollback the two files. after deleting I could add accounts again and I could still login on all accounts.

Thank you, case closed.

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