Can's add accounts on new launcher

here is my problem with the new launcher on my new PC.
I have 6 accounts and played for years. I recently build a new PC. and I have some problem with eve launcher on it. the problem is rather complicated so plz follow the list.
1: all my 6 accounts works fine on old PC
2: I copied entire eve client and caches to a SSD and transfer it to my new PC
3: EVE works on new PC (still on old SSD). I also used launcher’s shared cache to make sure it pointed to new cache folder on new PC
4: transfer eve and caches to another SSD drive in new PC. pointed eve to new cache location.
5: delete eve and cache from OLD SSD.
6: log in with eve from new drive. all 6 accounts. and did 6 verification codes. they all works. let eve launcher remember all accounts.
7: reboot PC and tried eve again. all accounts gone. tired to add accounts can’t add any thing. the add account’s window blinked and re-flashed. all field went back to blank.
8: reboot PC and try again. same problem. tried to enter wrong password. and got error message. no respond on right PW.
9: tried log in on old PC. it still works.
10: delete EVE from new PC. and download it to do a full installation. 4 of my 6 accounts works. 2 accounts had same problem with the step 8.

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