EVE IPH Facility Modification

Is there a way to modify the facility usage in Eve Isk Per hour manually? I would like to start manufacturing in Engineering Complexes but I do not know if they are not included in the program currently, or if my version is somehow outdated.

I got the same problem as OP, entering it in Outposts doesn’t always work.
Like 1% from the structure and 3.8 from the Rig (for lowsec Azbel with T1 rig Capital construction rig). And the Boni are applied after an other so the combined boni would be like this:
1-(1-0.038)*(1-0.01) which is 0.04762 (4.762%) and you can only enter it till 4.76%, so the calculations are wrong in the end :(.

I know. You can try write to autor of IPH for more info. I can’t help you more.

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