Looking for an app to calculate isk/h like eve isk per hour


Excellent software, but outdated. Anyone has the same? or a spreadsheet as good at it is ?

I have updated the latest IPH version to use evemarketer instead of eve-central and removed CREST API errors. You can use it until author implements ESI.

I made new version, with latest exports from ccp (may 2018) and fixed supers building on outposts. It’s portable version, just extract and run, do not rewrite your old files. NOTE: Character import doesnt work - CCP disabled old API.

Hello there,

Are you sure m8 this is working, cos i m getting all crazy prices when i use this you .exe file. It should update prices but, i m getting wrong ones for mats and for items…

I’ll check it again, m8 :sunglasses: P.S. Found, that API changed from eve-central, i’ll update IPH with new order of fields…

You are top

Made final version - with correct price downloading and modified facility selection - build only on Station with adjustable ME&TE. Testing now… Removed old links fom thread.

Any chance of a link for the working version that you have kit bashed together? I would love to be able to go back to using this as it was my go to but now it’s busted :frowning:

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Check thread “Updated Isk Per Hour (IPH) Industry Calculator” :sunglasses:

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