Is IPH Still Good?

I used IPH (Isk Per Hour) a couple of years ago. I haven’t used it in a long while. Is it still accurate? Didn’t it have a fitting tool also?

why would you use it as a fitting tool if other programs are designed specifically for being a fitting tool
anyways, it looks fairly accurate, but somewhat dated. Still usable from what I have seen, just lacking in many ways as well.

It hasn’t been update for the new Upwell structures where all the manufacturing has gone. You have to manually tweak the bonuses to get accurate results and mine always seem to be a bit off. Still good for identifying the most profitable items to manufacture though.

3rd party sites/tools that haven’t been kept up to date and still use the old XML and CREST APIs will stop working in a couple of weeks when they are shut down. Only sites/tools using ESI will be able to get data from CCP.

For fitting, use pyfa. It’s up to date, easy to use and easy to exchange fits with the in-game tool.

Any suggestions for manufacturing tools similar to IPH that will be current?

I have updated the latest IPH version to use evemarketer instead of eve-central and removed CREST API errors. You can use it until author implements ESI. To install - download new “EVE Isk per Hour.exe” file and replace old one in IPH directory.


Looks like this patched exe works on linux.

I used source code from, so I hope I didn’t break anything =) If it worked on linux, it will continue to do so. Also I can make small tweaks to IPH too, if there is any suggestions.

The patched exe has some problems:

Downloading prices with the CCP Data box ticked doesn’t complete or error out. (It error-ed out for me last night.

Downloading prices with EVE central ticked leads straight to a “EVE central server is unavailable…” error message.

Nothing in the GUI was changed? Only the source for downloading prices is different, is that right?

Yes, in that version only source URL was changed. It worked for me and my friend I made this for and download prices w/o errors. CCP disabled old API, that’s why CCP Data box doesnt work.

I made new version, with latest exports from ccp (may 2018) and fixed supers building on outposts. It’s portable version, just extract and run, do not rewrite your old files. NOTE: Character import doesnt work - CCP disabled old API.

This one doesn’t have the API errors on start up, but it still wont pull prices correctly.

Under the “Update prices” tab I have two options for “Data Source”, EVE Central or CCP Data. Ticking EVE Central leads to “EVE Central server is unavailable”.

Ticking CCP Data and hitting Download Prices looks like it works correctly. The blue bar which indicates downloading resolves correctly. But on inspection, no prices have actually updated. The GUI displays Tripped Power Circuit 57,497.89 (those are going for like 9k isk each at the moment.)

Here’s a SS


I making new version with working price import and adjustable stations, testing now…

Me and my friend tested the new version, everything looks good. I updated BP database to current version from CCP and made changes to building facilities, now we build all (incl. supers) at stations, and we can change ME/TE for stations, in order to emulate citadels. Check “Updated IPH” thread to get it.

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