EvE just died


This incident has been resolved.

Posted 1 minute ago. Nov 19, 2023 - 19:52 UTC

Props to CCP for a quick resolve.

local and other chats still bugged


i cant edit my corporation bio with important updates :cry:

chats are as empty as my wallet
looks like they need to feed the hamsters the good stuff next time

And connection lost again.

please put boots to buy tow servers

And now I see offline characters (my own alt) in a system even though I logged it off in a different system. :thinking: Fantastic.

My local is still not working, neither is any ingame chat…

Chat is real flaky right now. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t

Yeah, same here.

Sure is tough to fleet and do some lvl 4 missions with a friend using mail chat CCP, how about fixing the chat people, come on…

Yuck. Not logging into eve until local is fixed.

Why? You enjoy non stop recruitment spam?

Not judging. Just asking.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

My guess he likes to chat with corpguys about Shakespeare’s sonets :smiley:

Performance issues… It happens. Three out of five they say…

Back in the day before the current CCP Dev staff was hired, most of us older players knew not to log in for a few days after an expansion was implemented, basically to allow time for all the bugs to be worked out.

Course the new CCP Dev staff, for the most part, are similar to a majority of the current player base - no patience and always looking to get instant gratification.

By the way, Eve isn’t dead.
It’s just kicking and screaming while CCP hammers in the last few nails on it’s coffin lid…

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“set a long skill and wait”


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