EVE Launcher crashing on "Checking GUI Version..."

First you need to add override for “msvcp140_1” so it uses the native library instead of the builtin, this fixes the “unimplemented function”.

After that you will be stuck on “Checking GUI version…”. The issue is this:

this is the patch:

it is already submitted to Wine:

The patch is:
199525 New Bernhard Kölbl [PATCH] netprofm: Fix connection_GetAdapterId return wrong GUID.

at this time it is still with the status “New”, so it was not reviewed and committed to wine repository.

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Thanks for cross posting from the other post, you could include the a link / shout out…

sorry, didn’t know about your post in the other thread - hopefully they will accept the patch

I didn’t expect to get an actual patch to wine out of this; unfortunately by the time that hits the repos…
I’m on gentoo I can patch this relatively quickly; but a lot of others aren’t going to be able to do that;

It would be nice if we could get CCP to just stop doing whatever they did to break this launcher in the first place until wine is patched, as far fetched as that is. Unfortunately I can see the end result here is going to be “not our problem it’s wine’s” and half the linux userbase is going to be stuck on a year old launcher or a year old version of wine.

Maybe though it truly isn’t CCP’s problem and we can’t really expect them to halt launcher development because of a wine bug.

Looks like any wine before 6.0 will work, unless you made custom modifications.

Confirmed on Ubuntu 18 and 20. Wine 5.2 and 5.7. No custom modifications other than that stupid W10 to W7.

Updated to the new launcher on Gentoo with Wine-staging 6.1 and stopped being able to run the launcher or play eve. Eve also abruptly stopped working in steam, no window generated on game launch. Installing a fresh version of Eve into a clean new .wine64 directory set to windows 10 w/ winetricks corefonts and installation of the latest visual C++ runtime did not fix anything. I’m also having the launcher crash on wine-staging 6.0 and 5.22-r2.

This happened at the same time as a kind of gruesome clean-up of a lot of the library packages on my system and I spent quite a few hours thinking it was something wrong my own system. That something my corefonts package had somehow been removed or wasn’t being loaded or something, and that recompiling all the wine-staging dependencies might fix things. Glad I eventually found this thread, really frustrated that CCP hung us all out to dry like this.

I do have EveLauncher-1863399.exe, if anybody needs the file I’ll try to make it available. It still installs and runs, I just didn’t ever think to stop it from updating - didn’t realize it was giving me a choice.

Are you using wine-vanilla or wine-staging?


Ok I’m able to run Eve again. Wine-staging 6.1, I used an all-new .wine64 directory with winetricks corefonts and an install of latest visual c++ runtime, used my EveLauncher-1863399.exe file. Every time you start the launcher, you just have to hit the spacebar as soon as the updater window appears and it will activate the cancel button. Still pretty steamed I spent hours trying to get this to work again, no pun intended.

(Full disclosure: I was also keen to do a fresh .wine64 cause as I was trying to fix this I figured out how to do Vulkan/DXVK and wanted a new wine setup to implement it. Can you believe it, I couldn’t get Vulkan working for me when I first started playing eve again a few weeks ago because I searched for “vulcan” on the gentoo wiki and main ebuid repository and found nothing :rofl: - gave up and added DX9 support with winetricks. Compared to DX9, eve is SUPER silky with Vulkan/DXVK!)

Simple really isn’t it, effortless

Meanwhile on Proton 5.0-10 it works without all that bother

The only annoying thing is the SteamID always being added

Nothing helps. If I use wine 5.7 new launcher stops on ccp logo, if I use 6.0+ it gets to “Checking gui version”. Thanks @CCP for breaking game again.

I swear I tried to Steam with Proton 5.0-10 and it didn’t work for me on my Gentoo box. I also have trouble with the mouse cursor being constrained to a single screen when I play eve across multiple screens on proton, so Steam doesn’t really work for me because of that.

Merlin_Darkstone, install eve again using an old outdated installer. Use the directions here to get one: EVE Launcher crashing on "Checking GUI Version..." - #40 by Cyberathlete Otherwise evemail me you email address and I’ll send you the file (idk how else to put it out there). When you’ve reinstalled eve, don’t let the launcher update. As soon as you see the downloading update window appear when you run the launcher, hit space and stop it. So long as you don’t let the launcher update, everything else will run like it used to. There’s ways to save your eve settings and eve’s bulk files and paste them back into the new install so you don’t have to lose/redownload everything again.

Thanks. Old launcher seems to work ok, but cancelling it’s updates every time is pretty dirty workaround…

You’re on Linux, can’t you automate or block it?

Seriously, we’re expected to build a helicopter from basic spare parts in open source.

What kind of MacGyver are you.

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All hail the UNIX philosophy.

Offtopic: Helicopter is not that difficult! I graduated as aircraft engineer years ago…

Bypass the launcher and start the game exe directly with a desktop link?

How about fix the launcher and people no longer need any dirty hacks to use it??

You’re on Linux, using hackjobs. Linux is not “officially” supported, how about offically get it supported.

This is a case of “you’re on your own” and the company hangs you out to dry, you’re a second class customer

I’ve had this thread before on Linux and the response pretty much is, if it works you’re lucky but don’t expect support, and even the ticketing system clarifies “Linux (Not supported)”