Eve Launcher doesn't render


I have a Laptop with a Skylake i7 and corresponding HD graphics, 530 I think.

The laptop also has a discrete AMD FirePro chip on it which I’ve never managed to get working.

Recently I figured it out and got it working, but now my Eve Launcher does not render when I open it. The screen is there and I can see the outline to it, but the body of the window is completely transparent.

If I resize the window then the contents become solid black…

Very strange.

I’ve tried deleting the QtWeb folder in AppData which had no effect. Any ideas? I’d like to be able to utilise the AMD chip over the Intel chip.

You should file a support ticket and attach your launcher log to the ticket. It should have some information on why the launcher is not rendering.

Re-installed Windows in the end, works fine now.

Well that’s one way to fix it.

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