EVE Launcher Memory Leak / Crash?

I’m on Wine-staging 3.18-75 on Arch. Using the Windows launcher, not the CCP Linux version.

For a few months I’ve been having issues with the launcher eating up absurd amounts of memory until either my system crashes from lack of memory or the launcher itself finally dies after consuming around ~8GB of RAM. I can watch it slowly consume my system with htop. I know it’s the launcher, not the game client. If I launch my accounts then manually close the launcher there’s no problem.

This has happened with the regular launcher and the beta launcher. Any ideas about how I would go about fixing this?

Are you using dxvk? Try setting envvars DXVK_LOG_LEVEL=none or WINEDEBUG=-all

Yes, I’ve been noticing the same thing since I started using the Windows launcher instead of the unofficial Linux one.

This is also the workaround I use. Otherwise, if I leave the launcher open for too long, it ends up crashing the client by the time it is about to die. So far, no EVE release or Wine update has made any difference - I’m currently running Wine 4.4.

(And yes, I have the above environment variables set.)

I also suffer from the same issue, and it already cost me a ship :frowning:

There is a file descriptor leak in the eve launcher when run in wine:

to fix it, close the launcher after launching and you won’t see the file descriptor leak

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When I close the launcher after launching, the client freezes and crashes almost immediately. Is there any way to avoid that?

Can we expect a fix for the descriptor leak or is it a linux/wine specific error?

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