EVE Lore FAQ: clones, poddings, crew deaths and backups

(Mr Zeppo) #11

Thanks! Lots to take in…

And yet more questions come to mind- so pods effectively make us immortal, so I would imagine that on our time off, people would be conscious of risk, especially if going planet side, far from clone stations? … more I want to ask, but I’ve got to get to work. Bookmarked this thread!

(Samira Kernher) #12

Immortal in some sense of the word, at least. But yes, it’s generally established that capsuleers are much more vulnerable outside of the pods than they are inside of them. Capsuleers who maintain backup clones negate this somewhat, but capsuleers are still more at risk planetside than they would be in pod in space.

(Marcus Gideon) #13

Sure makes you feel old when you see someone who doesn’t remember Captain’s Quarters being a thing… =)

(Ameriya) #14

I know Falcon said at one point, I think on Reddit, but darn if I can find it, that supercapitals have facilities for the pilot to leave the pod, since they could not dock originally.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #15

Well, not necessarily, because back-up clones exist. Some people are very conscious because lost time feels like mini-death to them. Others do duels to death for fun because why not? You have a back-up. You can write a story either way.

(Teinyhr) #16

Of course. But similarly, going after a technically-immortal, immensely wealthy figure is a monumentally bad idea, and most people wont do it for the potential repercussions alone.

Still, the risk does exist, and it would be similarly a bit silly not to take precautions: for example, Teinyhr has hired professionals to guard her family members 24/7. Similarly, if Tein has to go to even somewhat risky situations in person, there is always a security cadre with her, some you can see and some you can not. Naturally, these people are best of the best in their business because she can afford it.

(Mr Zeppo) #17

Thank you kindly for all your responses! The specific references to characters that exist in lore prompts the following question in my mind- does there exist a list somewhere on the inter-webs of common and popular lore personalities and characters that new aspiring fan fiction writers should be aware of? If such a list does not exist yet, who wants to help me build it?

(Mr Zeppo) #18

While I may be new to EVE, I am certainly old enough to understand what that feels like… Both in real life, and in other MMO’s I’ve played.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #19

Comprehensive lists of stuffz you should know are notoriously bad in EVE. There have been attempts, and for a while there was EVElopedia, but they have all fallen through and become outdated. @Teinyhr maintains a resources megathread here, but that at least does not mention a list of notable personae.

(Melisma Ramijozana) #20

As always, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong Else, but I don’t think there are many characters in lore that pop up more than once anyway. Some do–heads of state, usually–but in most of the chronicles and articles I’ve read, names pop up once, things happen to them, and that’s pretty much the last time we see them. So a fanfic writer might want to be aware of who’s running what these days, but not worry about who Hona is.

(Teinyhr) #21

I’d concur, most important people to know would be heads of state / pirate entities like Omir or Kuvakei, and state reps in CONCORD Inncer Circle. Those people are the ones that come up most commonly in news or other media.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #22

I think that’s entirely correct too.

(Mr Zeppo) #23

Thanks everyone! I appreciate the comments!

I see that I have a lot of reading to do in the EVE fanfic world. I will have to make time in the near future to really do a deep dive.

Luckily, my core characters are rooted in a common origin story that hinges on them not really knowing much about the EVE world around them. So in the mean time I can draft up short stories about them that don’t require lots of references to important people for now…

But still, it will have to work towards integrating well known people and locations etc, over the long term.

I wonder if y’all could help by sharing your top three interesting or note worthy Pople and Locations of EVE lore?

As a new player, I’ve seen a lot of places and people referenced, but in practical terms the in game places I know personally are limited to my station of origin and the immediate zones around that, Jita (yes I’ve set up my “ship outfitting HQ” in a public station there despite all warnings and the fact that none of my characters have completed the basic missions yet), and the region where the Corporation I joined has one of its main stations.

Other than those places,and the zones along those routes, I don’t really know any of the “notable” places in EVE yet.

Thanks again!

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #24

May I suggest a new thread for the above? I feel it deserves wider base for answers than who reads this thread this far :smiley:

(Teinyhr) #25

If nobody beats me to it, I can try to make some kind of “notable locations and VIPs” thread later in the evening.

(Elsebeth Rhiannon) #26

Added in this bit in the light of the new info on Minmatar attitudes to cloning and an existing bit on the Amarr. Afaik there’s no lore on Gallente / Caldari re this?

(Mr Zeppo) #27

This brings up another question, silly perhaps, or way to subtle… but I am asking these questions specifically to gather a random assortment of player feedback that I can synthesize and incorporate into my writing…

But my first impression was that most ships, even most larger ships are flown primarily by the PodPilot, and that few have much of crew. But I also have seen some references to ships officers and crew reactions and debate about their health and clone access…

In your opinion, what’s the average crew size for the basic ship classes? Just trying to get an idea of what people imagine, so that I can tinker and extrapolate…

Someone suggested starting a new thread for the notable places question and it made me realize that I should not hijack threads to mine for my curiosity and world building fodder. I should create my own threads featuring the big questions I have to cast a wide net on the Fiction Portal forum.

Thanks for all the feed back and inspiration!
I look forward to more conversations like this on this board as I mine and develop more ingredients for my fanfic world building

(Teinyhr) #28

The old wiki had crew guidelines, and I don’t think it has been disowned by CCP, even if the information is a bit old.

And hey man, don’t worry, ask away. I at least enjoy answering questions, because usually then I get to check and update my knowledge on things.

(Mr Zeppo) #29

Thank you kindly for that very useful link! Sorry for taking forever to reply

(Ninavask) #30

There was a time when I had a percentage calculator decide for me how much of my crew may have gotten to escape pods and survived based on the New Eden Crew Guidelines. Such as getting roflstomped in seconds by a tank fleet I assumed my Domi’s crew was a 100% loss but a drawn out slugfest against Federal Intelligence I assumed about 30% survived and were taken into custody for ahem being accomplices to domestic terrorism.