EVE Lore: Notable people

Notable people: Main Empires, “The Big Four”

Amarr Empire

Current Empress, Catiz I, born Catiz Tash-Murkon

Former Emperors / Empresses :

Court Chamberlains:



  • Dochuta Karsoth was the functional leader of the Amarr Empire after the assasination of Doriam II and until the return of Jamyl Sarum.

Current Heirs:

Former Heirs:

Caldari State

Current spokesperson / singular representative of the State: Chairman Akimaka Saraki

Current Megacorporation CEOs, de-facto leaders of State:


  • Sukuuvestaa: Kuikiainen Onita
  • CBD: Imanima Hinpas
  • Nugoeihuvi: Morimo Yagala


  • Ishukone: Mens Reppola
  • Hyasyoda: Ahtonen Osmon


  • Kaalakiota: Haatakan Oiritsuu
  • Wiyrkomi: Kuruta Irio
  • Lai Dai: Alakoni Ishanoya

Former CEO’s:

Former Executor :

Gallente Federation

Current President: Celes Aguard

Former Presidents:

Other/Former Politicians:

  • Mentas Blaque - Formerly Head of Gallente Senate, Currently head of Federal Intelligence Office (FIO) and the Black Eagles.
  • Luc Duvailer, leader of the Ultra-Nationalist party when the Caldari seceded from the Federation.


  • Alexander Noir , Admiral, remembered from being the commander of the Nyx Supercarrier FNS Wandering Saint when it collided into Ishukone HQ, killing hundreds of thousands including Ishukone CEO Otro Gariushi.
  • Anvent Eturrer, Grand Admiral, one of the key figures that allowed Caldari to launch invasion of Luminaire to retake Caldari Prime.

Minmatar Republic

Minmatar Republic

Official leader: Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor

Tribal leaders:

Former leaders:

  • Karin Midular, the Ray of Matar, former Prime Minister of the Gallentean-style Republic and leader of the Sebiestor Tribe until her death.

Other notables:

  • Vuld Haupt - A spiritual leader for the Sebiestor
  • Keitan Yun, originally Matari representative to the CONCORD Assembly, later famous for delivering the “Elder Ultimatum”

Notable People: Other Notable Factions

Jovian Directorate

Society of Conscious Thought
  • Elder Mentor Matshi Raish, representative of SoCT in CONCORD, also by extension the representative of the now-defunct Jove Directorate.

Servant Sisters of EVE

Notable People: Pirate Factions

Angel Cartel
  • Trald Vukenda is the CONCORD designated leader of Dominations, the executive branch of Angel Cartel.


Leader & founder:

Former leader & founder:

The Blood Raiders


Sansha's Nation

Leader and founder:


Equilibrium of Mankind

Additionally, see this post for various named NPCs in EVE lore.


Epic! I hope this interests others as much as it does me!!!

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I think this is about lore NPCs? A similar thread about player characters could of course be fun too though :wink:


Yep, NPCs. If someone wants to make a thread about notable capsuleers, they’re welcome to do so.


The title of the thread is Notable people and locations…

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The intent of the thread however is to mention notable people and locations in the game’s lore. Not players, because player notability would devolve into disputes of their notability and generally, notability of players is harder to quantify and ultimately subject to opinion.


On the subject of notable players, and events in the player-base history, I’m planning on making a post asking that as a survey question in the not-too-distant future! Unless of course, someone beats me to it… Again!!!

Not strictly just notable people, but…



“Great. Bullrushed on my own show.”

As always, nice addition to the thread Samira. Well, after the addition of SoCT to the main post, I can finally move onto notable locations. I think home planets / capital planets and few tourist attractions like Crystal Steppe and Crystal Boulevard, Kaalakiota Peaks etc. should do. There are of course tons of notable places other than those, too.


Ok, I decided that the list was getting really long, and cumbersome to edit, and potentially will still grow a bit longer despite removing the WIP tag from the topic

As is, I will make the notable locations a separate thread when I have the time.

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I would love to see BOTH lists, one for Lore and one for Player History, developed and curated for future reference!

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Well, someone else would have to do that one, as I don’t really pay any heed whom the players consider notable.

From lore standpoint, Max Singularity and members of the Guiding Hand Social Club are in-universe famous (moreso than the rest of us at least), and more than likely also Chribba and Entity. And those are people I’d consider famous OOC especially, since even I know them (and as said, I’m generally ignorant of player politics).

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